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People say they've been on their 'last cruise' after finding out about horrifying area people don't know about

People say they've been on their 'last cruise' after finding out about horrifying area people don't know about

People are seriously freaking out

Travel buffs have been put off cruises for life after watching a video revealing a scary section no one seems to know about.

From people packing up their lives to live permanently on a cruise ship to employees spilling behind the scenes secrets, cruises seem to have really taken off on social media.

But for those who have a cruise holiday on their bucket list, you should probably know some things before heading for the seas.

Like how absolutely pitch black it is at night.

TikTok user @chasingthedream.hj has been sharing some little known things about cruise ships, including the fact the music stops once the sun goes down.

The creator explained in his video: "Cruises are great until you realise how dark the ocean gets at night."

But there’s another little-known secret which might even be worse than darkness.

Chasingthedream.hj again shocked TikTok with an updated clip which panned across the boat’s deck, and all seemed to be going well on board.

People are seriously freaked out after learning the creepy fact.

That is until the user mentioned that a morgue might be lurking underneath the celebrations.

So, is this actually true?

Cruise Mummy confirmed the speculation when it released an informative article describing why ships have a morgue and what it entails for staff on a cruise.

The blog confirmed: “All cruise ships are required to have morgue facilities where a body can be stored for up to a week.”

As for the process when a passenger unfortunately passes away: “When a cruise ship passenger dies, the staff places the body in the onboard morgue until the ship reaches a suitable port to disembark it, where it will be flown home. The cruise line will inform the next of kin if they’re not already sailing with the passenger.”

So, it’s no joke about hosting a room for the dead below deck.

No thanks.

TikTok users were equally creeped out by the revelation and took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person decided that it would be the last time they’d step foot on a boat, writing: “A morgue oh hell no went on my first and last cruise”.

Another person couldn’t believe the things they were seeing from the user: “Okay yep darkness and morgues! Im not doing it this year”.

But there were those who completely understood why it would need to be onboard.

Someone commented: “It's actually common sense if something happens in the middle of the ocean to help preserve until you get to shore.”

Another user echoed: “Of course there is a morgue. where should they put the bodies if not in morgue?”

I mean, it makes sense. I just don’t want to be close to the afterlife when I’m boogying with a mojito in hand.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chasingthedream.hj

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