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People shocked at ‘bonkers’ rule aboard nine-month cruise as passenger lifts lid

People shocked at ‘bonkers’ rule aboard nine-month cruise as passenger lifts lid

One TikTok user on board the ship has been left less than impressed

We all have our opinions when it comes to reviewing a holiday, and there's bound to be some weird quirks that annoy us more than others.

Often, issues are bound to unite us - for one, hand your head in shame if you've no kettle in the hotel room. We see you.

And that's no different when the holiday of choice is a cruise. Then make that a cruise that lasts for nine months.

TikToker Marc Sebastian is currently documenting his time on board Royal Caribbean's 22-year-old ship, the Serenade of the Seas, as he enjoys part of the nine-month voyage.

The trip, entitled the Ultimate World Cruise, lasts for 274 days and sails the entire globe. So if you want to go to Australia, see the Pyramids in Egypt, and explore South America, it's the one for you.

Marc has been regularly taking to TikTok to document his voyage on the cruise ship after getting on board the vessel for the 18-night South America-Antarctica leg.

Some viewers have been left 'feeling sick' thanks to his videos.

Marc Sebastian isn't enjoying his cruise.

But as with every holiday, he has a few niggling issues that were recently addressed.

Posting a video entitled 'review of the nine month cruise', Marc took issue with the irons.

Yep, you read that correctly.

Now, there's nothing worse than a creased shirt. It looks scruffy and unless you're some kind of packing pro is bound to happen on holiday.

But Marc claims that you can't get hold of an iron without paying up; that is, unless you're staying for the full nine month journey.

If you're only staying for a leg of the journey, he says expect to pay around $8 to look smart.

In the video, Marc says: "The only irons or steaming devices that are available upon the ship are in the laundry room.

"And you know what's so funny? Is that the only people who have access to the laundry room are the people who are 'world cruisers', who are on here for all nine months.

Marc Sebastian on board the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

"So if I wanted to have a t-shirt ironed because it's been in my suitcase for two weeks, I need to pay like eight bucks.

"I get it. The irons are a fire hazard, you don't want the ship to go in to flames.

"But figure out a way to have things affordably priced for people who are not on the whole nine month cruise."

Marc's issues with the ship continued on to the matter of flowers and plants, claiming he hasn't seen any onboard the vessel.

He said: "[There's] not a single cut flower in sight. I don't even think there's any plants on board.

"It's a personal preference but where is the beauty, where is the luxury?"

On the iron situation, one person wrote: "The iron situation is BONKERS."

A second suggested a more underhand technique to avoiding the cost, saying: "You gotta find a friend on the full nine month cruise and give them your shirts to iron."

Marc is being brutally honest about his thoughts on the nine month cruise.

But another TikTok user said: "People are dumb on a good day. Don't add fire. You're supposed to iron your clothes in the hotel the night before you board your ship. Rookies."

On the flower issue, one person suggested: "The flower/plant thing is probably bc different countries have different rules about agriculture coming in (non-native invasive species, bugs, etc)."

Another suggested similar writing: "No flowers because of the biohazards. e.g. here in Australia, no fruit, flowers or seeds can enter our country. It could wipe out our flora and fauna."

LADbible has contacted Royal Caribbean for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @marcsebastianf

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