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Man left stunned after being served one of Ryanair’s new £8 cocktails he ordered on plane

Man left stunned after being served one of Ryanair’s new £8 cocktails he ordered on plane

Marty Guilfoyle was less than impressed by what arrived on his tray table

A bloke has told of his disappointment after ordering one of Ryanair's new £8 cocktails en route to a family holiday.

Marty Guilfoyle said he was left feeling more like a mixologist than a holidaymaker after being lured in by an appealing image of a tipple dubbed a 'Dublin Lemonade' on the menu.

The traveller, who is from Dublin, explained he had been 'extra excited' to jet off on the break with his loved ones after finding out he could enjoy the new range of alcoholic beverages while onboard.

He splashed £8 (€9.50) each on two of the cocktails - which consisted of Jameson Irish Whiskey, Sprite and sparkling water - before kicking back and waiting for the drinks to turn up.

The promotional picture of the cocktail showed a drink which looked similar to something you would get served in a bar and even sported a wedge of fruit on the side as a garnish, so Marty had high hopes for Ryanair's new range.

But he really ought to have lowered his expectations when flying with the budget airline, as it probably would have been a bit less of a blow when he was handed the ingredients to make the cocktail himself.

Marty's Dublin Lemonade turned up deconstructed rather than ready to drink, as he was handed two bottles of sparkling water, two small bottles of whiskey, a can of Sprite and plastic cups with a single ice cube in.

Marty had high hopes for his Dublin Lemonade (Instagram/@martyguilfoyle)
Marty had high hopes for his Dublin Lemonade (Instagram/@martyguilfoyle)

He and his travel companion were left stunned that they had to do all of the leg work themselves while also stumping up £8 for the pleasure - although he did admit the cocktail was 'delish' in the end.

The tourist shared a comical video of his cocktail making in the skies on Instagram, alongside the caption: "Come with me to make a cocktail on board a Ryanair flight. It’s the first time Iv heard of a Dublin Lemonade and tbh,it’s delish."

Marty showed his followers how he and his pal whipped up their tipple for the journey, while explaining that he had been expecting something a bit swankier to turn up.

He said: "When I saw the news that Ryanair was now serving cocktails onboard it got me extra excited for a family trip this week. There's the ingredients, go on there and make it yourself.

He was left stunned when he realised he had to mix it up himself (Instagram/@martyguilfoyle)
He was left stunned when he realised he had to mix it up himself (Instagram/@martyguilfoyle)

"I thought they might have pre-made from a can, but I definitely didn't think you'd have to make it yourself," he continued.

Social media users couldn't believe the 'cocktail' the Irishman was served up, although others said he shouldn't have expected anything less from Ryanair.

Another holidaymaker also claimed he had a similar experience in the comments, saying: "They're sh**e. Got a Caribbean one. All excited. They arrived with Fanta and vodka."

One amused user wrote: "Unreal, they’ve no shame at all."

Another laughed: "Hahahahaha no surprise there."

A third added: "Oh the glamour!"

But the Ryanair passenger did admit the £8 cocktail was 'delicious' in the end (Instagram/@martyguilfoyle)
But the Ryanair passenger did admit the £8 cocktail was 'delicious' in the end (Instagram/@martyguilfoyle)

A fourth chimed in: "No this is so iconic and of course we couldn't expect anything less."

While a fifth giggled: "Why did I laugh so much, right on brand!"

Ryanair are also offering cocktails including 'Fruit Snack', which is made up of Bombay Sapphire gin, Sprite Zero and a Capri-Sun, a 'Rose Spritz' consisting of rosé wine and Sprite Zero and 'Flying Iced Tea' which uses Bombay Sapphire gin, Absolut vodka and Coca-Cola.

Head of Comms at the airline, Jade Kirwa, said of the launch: "Summer is finally here, and what better way to kickstart your summer holiday than with a delicious cocktail from Ryanair’s new in-flight cocktail menu?

"Adding to our already extensive range of in-flight food and beverage options, our new cocktail range offers a selection of seven ready-to-drink cocktails from Flying Iced Tea to French 75 to Rose Spritz and more."

LADbible have contacted Ryanair for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/martyguilfoyle

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