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Bloke says his seven-day holiday ended up 'cheaper than a night out' in UK thanks to 84p pints

Bloke says his seven-day holiday ended up 'cheaper than a night out' in UK thanks to 84p pints

The resort is super popular with Brits

A man who went on holiday to a popular tourist spot says he spent less during the entire week than he would have done on one night out in the UK.

British holidaymaker Grumet, has said that he paid just £107 for his flights and accommodation at the European resort.

The European resort is popular with tourists.
Roberto Machado Noa/Getty Images

While the flight set him back £37 for a return, accommodation was less than £70.

He explained that once he was there, the food and drinks were also mega cheap, even claiming that he spent less in one week than he would in a single night over here.

"Pints are 84p in some bars, food is cheap and the full holiday cost £253. I’d spend that going out on a Friday and Saturday in the UK!" He told the Daily Star.

Although most of us probably wouldn't spend over £250 on one night out, it's still a pretty good bargain for an entire holiday.

While pints can be found for under £1 in Benidorm, you can get yourself a fry-up for as little as £2.50.

And if you wanted to stock up on booze, beers cost from 81p in the supermarket while a bottle of wine would set you back £3.42.

With prices like this, it's easy to understand why so many Brits flock to Benidorm each year.

In fact, the resort is becoming so popular that one bar owner said tourists may actually struggle to book accommodation this year, claiming bookings are up by 40 per cent.

Benidorm is busier than ever.

Despite it being low season right now, Frank (@frankthestagman) says it's busier than ever, with many bars deciding to stay open despite it being winter.

"It's just so busy here. We opened up a new beach club and even for the new year, through Christmas, it's been it's been literally rammed," he said.

"A lot of other really key bars here, like the likes of Tiki Beach and bars like that, they would normally close for winter, but a lot have stayed open because we stayed open. It's worked really well because they're all busy.

"It's still in the 20C degrees, we've not had much rain, which is normal. It’s so busy it’s like an invasion of tourists! It’s all different ages too: it's not all old people, it’s not just young people, just families. You wouldn’t think it’s January!"

So if you fancy Benidorm this year, you best get booking.

Featured Image Credit: grumettt/Getty stock image

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