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Couple who went on 'spicy' adults cruise where you can swap partners show what it's really like

Couple who went on 'spicy' adults cruise where you can swap partners show what it's really like

High school sweethearts Bella and Jase vlogged their experience on board the 'spicy' cruise

If you enjoy sailing the seven seas and fancy the idea of swapping romantic partners with fellow tourists, it sounds like this 'spicy' adults cruise could be for you.

For those looking to rejuvenate their sex life with like-minded couples who are also in the same boat, you can leave your inhibitions on the shore while you take the voyage of a lifetime.

There is a big misconception about the so-called 'spicy' cruises, as they aren't just having full-blown sex parties in international waters - and there are plenty of rules for passengers to abide by.

Yet in the same breath, it's certainly not your run-of-the-mill holiday where you can take the kids.

Thankfully, TikTokers Bella and Jase - who practice ethical non monogamy - share content on their account and are being hailed as saviours by swingers across the globe who are debating on whether to dip their toe into the spicy cruise world.

That's because the pair vlogged their entire trip onboard the Celebrity Summit cruise ship, which they booked through Cancun-based company Temptation Cruises.

Describing the ship as 'super contemporary and modern', she gave fans a quick tour and pointed out that the 'playrooms' were visible - while showing numerous beds dotted around the decks.

The holidaymaker then got down to decorating the door to their cabin so that passersby will know she and Jase are down to F, with Bella adding that it's a 'known thing' that this is used as a signal.

She attached a series of swinging-related memes to the door, some of which included innuendos such as: "Cum on in!"

But the decorating wasn't complete until Bella added a hanging pineapple - which has a secret code that only those who are in the know will understand.

She later put on her best swimwear as she headed down to the pool area to 'mingle', before she went on to show how herself and her husband got ready for a 'pyjama party' theme night.


The top and bottom of it is, passengers on the Celebrity Summit - which has the capacity to house a whopping 2,218 swingers - get their own cabins and are free to do as they please.

Like any other cruise ship, it comes with the usual perks too - such as food, drink and entertainment.

Advertising their holidays, Temptation Cruises describes its service as 'the most exhilarating party vacation of your life'.

The firm says that there is plenty of fun to be had between visiting different destinations.


It explained: "Join us at the areas where bikini tops are optional (the pool and sundecks), or how about a visit to our clothing-optional spot or to the playroom.

"In addition, enjoy thematic pool parties, daring activities, tempting workshops, incredible DJs, and outrageous theme nights. You can do as much or as little as you choose, the decision is up to you." want more info about vacations like these? 👀 check the comments! 🫶✨ #swingtok #4ourplay #openrelationships ♬ original sound - 4OURPLAY | Bella & Jase

If all this sounds up your street, there is still time to secure yourself a seat on the next Temptation cruise, which will take place on the Norwegian Cruise Line ship, The Pearl, next February.

Prices for the one week holiday start from $193 per person, per night, while the most expensive package is $30,000 for six people - which is already sold out.

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