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How much it costs to go on a 'spicy cruise' where couples swap partners

How much it costs to go on a 'spicy cruise' where couples swap partners

It ranges from complete luxury to somewhat affordable

The full cost breakdown of how much it'll set you back to go on a 'spicy' cruise has been revealed - and it might shock you.

Thousands of people every year head on to the open seas with Temptation Cruises. Unlike almost every other cruise ship in the world, Temptation has a very different offer on the cards.

Dubbed 'spicy' cruises by those who partake, they are safe spaces for those in open relationships to share sexual partners.

They're a little different to mainstream cruises. Instead of open lobby areas and seating areas overlooking glass walls, you'll find rows and rows of mattresses ready for communal fun. Dubbed playrooms, they are, for obvious reasons, one of the highlights of the trip for those heading on board.

As with any cruise ship, there is a price to pay, and it's not cheap, even at the lower end of the pricing structure.

But in saying that, some might be shocked at how affordable it might appear, if you're clued up on how much cruise holidays set you back.

The next Temptation Cruise holiday sets sail on 24 February next year until 1 March, calling a Miami, Ocho Rios, and Great Stirrup Cay before heading back to Miami.

Where the magic happens. (Facebook/Temptation Cruises)
Where the magic happens. (Facebook/Temptation Cruises)

It is advertised as a launch rate of $198 per person, per night. But let's do a deep dive.

The most expensive package is for the Haven Garden Three Bedroom Villa, which costs $30,000 and has enough room for six guests.

This is followed closely by the Haven Deluxe Owners, costing $24,000 for three people.

To flip the list, an Interior Stateroom on decks four or five costs $2,150 for a maximum of two people. You can reserve it for $1,975 right now, which works out at $197.50 a night, per head.

One of the few PG areas onboard. (Facebook/Temptation Cruises)
One of the few PG areas onboard. (Facebook/Temptation Cruises)

Here is the full list:

  • Haven Garden 3 Bedroom Villa: $30,000, sleeps six
  • Haven Deluxe Owners: $24,000, sleeps three
  • Haven Owners: $14,500, sleeps three
  • Haven Villa: $14,000, sleeps three
  • Haven Courtyard Villa with Studio: $12,800, sleeps four
  • Haven Courtyard Penthouse: $10,700, sleeps three
  • Penthouse with Studio Deck 11: $9,200, sleeps three
  • Luxury Penthouse Deck 9 and 10: $7,750, sleeps three
  • Penthouse Deck 8, 9 and 10: $7,400, sleeps three
  • Club Balcony: $4,800, sleeps three
  • Deluxe Veranda Stateroom Deck 10: $4,250, sleeps three
  • Veranda Stateroom Deck 8 and 9: $4,000, sleeps three
  • Ocean View Stateroom: $3,200, sleeps two
  • Ocean View Stateroom Porthole: $2,650, sleeps two
  • Ocean View Stateroom (Obstructed view): $2,650, sleeps two
  • Interior Stateroom: $2,450, sleeps two
  • Interior Stateroom Deck 4 and 5: $2,150, sleeps two
Something sweet to have after your buffet meals. (Facebook/Temptation Cruises)
Something sweet to have after your buffet meals. (Facebook/Temptation Cruises)

One of the best perks with the Temptation Cruise is that bookings come with the Unlimited Open Bar beverage package as well as seven inclusive dining facilities.

The package includes a huge range of gins, vodka, whisky, brandy, rum, tequila, liqueurs, wine and beer. And there are 16 bars dotted across the cruise ship, so at least the drinks package conundrum that standard cruisers face is sorted on the house for you.

The price also includes tips in advance for the staff working on the cruise, so you really don't need to worry about much else.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images/Facebook/Temptation Cruises

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