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Woman on ‘spicy cruise’ where clothing is optional shares onboard footage before it ‘gets wild’

Woman on ‘spicy cruise’ where clothing is optional shares onboard footage before it ‘gets wild’

They're not your average cruise ship holiday

A intimacy coach and hypnotherapist has revealed what it is like on board a 'spicy' cruise before everything becomes far too non-PG to film.

A very different kind of cruise ship holiday, the term 'spicy cruise' is often used to describe adventures at sea where you share your romantic partner with others - and vice versa.

They are, for obvious reasons, a rather unique take on cruising - with the vessels themselves totally taken over and given a very different look to what you might usually come across.

As with any cruise, there are specific rules you must follow, but given the amount of trust being placed in complete strangers, you could argue following them is more important than ever.

Over on TikTok, intimacy coach and hypnotherapist Kate Shelor has gone viral for giving folks a sneak peek on board the swinging cruise holidays, run by Cancun-based company Temptation Cruises.

Captioning her video - which fittingly has Missy Elliott's 'Get Ur Freak On' playing over the top - that has been viewed more than eight million times, Kate wrote: "The ADULT CRUISE is about to get WILD."

Kate then shows viewers around a main lobby area of the cruise ship.

Kate Shelor on the spicy cruise (TikTok/@kateshelor3)
Kate Shelor on the spicy cruise (TikTok/@kateshelor3)

And instead of your standard table and chairs set up, we find mattress after mattress laid out on the floor. There are chairs too, but they're pushed to the sides of the lobby area.

There is a mixture of circular mattresses in a central area of the deck, with your standard double bed mattresses found in rows near the massive windows on the side of the ship.

Over on the official Temptation Cruises website, these areas are described as 'playrooms', so we'll let your imagination do the rest when it comes to the hobbies people are getting up to here.

Kate's footage of the playrooms then comes to an end - with one of the most important rules for those heading on a spicy cruise focusing on photography.

The caption says it all (TikTok/@kateshelor3)
The caption says it all (TikTok/@kateshelor3)

Temptation explains that 'some guests may want to keep their identities private'.

"Due to the unique concept of our resort, we ask that when taking photos and / or video, you only do selfies and close-ups for personal use, no wide angles," the holiday provider says.

Respect is at the heart of the holidays, Temptation says, which have become a safe space for people who enjoy an open relationship lifestyle.

Another rule on the playrooms is that they have drapes in the window areas, with explicit activities between guests not allowed in any of the public areas of the ship.

People know where to go on the ship to get what they want when they want it -just not when you're tucking in to a croissant and flat white in the dining area.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kateshelor3

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