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Woman shares Google ‘cheat code’ to find cheapest flights to any destination

Woman shares Google ‘cheat code’ to find cheapest flights to any destination

Travellers are in awe of this hack, which will save you more money than duty free!

If you are hoping to get some winter sun, you should be aware of this epic ‘cheat code’ which will help you find cheap flights on Google.

Shared by a shocked TikTok user, the clever trick lets you compare destinations across the world and find the best one to jet off to.

Unsurprisingly, the simple holiday hack has gone viral with fans gushing about the incredible discounts they found. Check it out below:

You can thank TikTok user @aroundtheatlas for her viral video, which will save you more money than duty-free.

In the short clip, the travel influencer shows how she searched for deals using Google Flights as a single person travelling in economy.

Whilst many of us have done this before, the hack comes when she clicks 'anywhere’ and leaves departure/ arrival times blank.

Within seconds, the app brings up a map with cheap return flights from destinations across the globe – including long haul.

The simple hack allows you to find cheap flights to any destination.

Examples include a return trip to Greece for just £39 or transatlantic travel to New York for £336.

Clearly surprised, she asks her followers: “Does anyone else know about this, because I feel like the world is gatekeeping how insane this is!”

At the side of the screen, you’ll even get a breakdown of available dates, meaning it’s easier than ever to plan for your summer holidays.

Groups can also use this clever hack, as the app allows multiple people to travel at one time and still get amazing discounts.

Having uploaded the clip to TikTok over the weekend, the video has gotten over 500,000 views as people plan their next trip.

Tiktok users have been shocked by the insane discounts.

One user even joked: “I could fly back and forth to Europe a couple times for less than it cost to get a train to London.”

Another quipped: “Going to Manchester more expensive than Barcelona.”

Impressively though, a third TikToker had another hack for Google Flights and urged people to use the ‘explore’ button to get similar results.

You’ll need to get booking those flights, as another travel bug has revealed how you can get 50 days off of work by using just 27 days of annual leave.

It’s insanely simple as well, with the nation’s workers being able to maximise their time off by using the various bank holidays throughout the year.

With the flights and time off figured, we just need to find a way of paying for it before jetting off.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@aroundtheatlas

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