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Ryanair's £15 flights to stunning 'postcard' Spanish town with €2 pints just 20 minutes from Benidorm

Ryanair's £15 flights to stunning 'postcard' Spanish town with €2 pints just 20 minutes from Benidorm

Round the corner from Benidorm and you wouldn't even know it

Brits love Benidorm. But just down the road from the popular Spanish resort is another seaside town that might be perfect for those who want something a little different to the Mediterranean's equivalent of Blackpool.

And Ryanair is here yet again with bargain flights to the region, starting at £14.99.

It's standard practice for the budget Irish airline, which just a few days ago launched a sale with flights for £13 that included the 'Garden of Europe' where pints are just €2 and temperatures top 30 degrees in the summer months.

It's also only £15 to the likes of Ibiza. But as with most Ryanair deals, they're time limited.

Now, Benidorm. A marmite location, with some Brits heading back year after year while others wouldn't dream of setting foot there. A warning if you do go, mind, with a £1,000 fine coming your way for violating its beach laws.

Slightly up the coast from Benidorm - we're talking about 20 minutes in the car - is a gorgeous Spanish town that's been described as 'straight from a postcard' by travel giants Tripadvisor.

It's iconic in nature, with a national park in the shape of a massive rock sticking out on the town's coastline.

We're talking about the idyllic town of Calpe, which lies at the very heart of Spain's Costa Blanca.

Gorgeous Calpe (Getty Stock Images)
Gorgeous Calpe (Getty Stock Images)

Historically an ancient fishing village, it now serves as a magnet for tourists given its closeness to Alicante Airport.

The rock is the Penyal d'Ifac Natural Park, which is a huge limestone rock that stands more than 1,000 feet tall. You can actually climb it but a warning, it's not easy and comes with very little safety features.

The view from the top is what climbers are after, with Ibiza visible on a clear day.

Calpe benefits from cheap beer like its neighbour Benidorm, with the average large beer (500ml, so just short of a pint) coming in at €2.

Penyal d'Ifac Natural Park (Getty Stock Images)
Penyal d'Ifac Natural Park (Getty Stock Images)

Trying to clear that fuzzy head after a night on the bargain lager? A coffee comes in at just €2.

Calpe's seafront is a mix of gorgeous sandy white beaches where you can take part in a number of water sports.

And with the town boasting a staggering 325 sunny days every year, the chances of catching glorious weather regardless of the time of year is strong.

Calpe (Getty Stock Images)
Calpe (Getty Stock Images)

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Flights to Alicante from the UK start at £14.99, which can be taken advantage of via Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, and East Midlands airports.

From Manchester, we're looking at £16.

If you don't want to fly Ryanair, you could opt for easyJet which offers its cheapest fares from £24.99 via London Luton Airport.

Alternatively, Wowcher is also offering package deals to Alicante on its website.

A shuttle or car from Alicante Airport to Calpe is around an hour.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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