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Brits warned of unknown beach rule at popular holiday destination that can lead to £1000 fine

Brits warned of unknown beach rule at popular holiday destination that can lead to £1000 fine

This rule is likely to clear out your wallet fast

Given how frosty temperatures can get in the UK, it's not wonder that Brits are always up for a trip to Spain.

For many of us, the idea of soaking in the sun on the beach with a ice cold drink is nothing short of heavenly.

However, there is one rule that could leave British holidaymakers short of cash.

The rule in question concerns the stunning beaches on which Brits congregate to catch some rays.

Although, the rule is in effect when the sun is nowhere to be seen.

Visiting the beach between midnight and 7am for a night-time swim is strictly banned in Benidorm - and anybody caught doing so can be landed with a whopping £1,000 fine.

This is because the water can sometimes prove to be unpredictable in the darker hours.

The darkness also makes it harder for anyone on shore to see if a swimmer is drowning.

A cheap holiday to Spain might be costly in other ways.

There's also the matter of the cleaners needing these quieter hours of the night to do a tidy-up along the coastline.

Tourists caught trespassing past curfew have been fined anything from 750 to 1,200 euros, according to BenidormSeriously.

This is roughly the equivalent of £1,207.

But it's not just late-night swimming as anyone also caught sleeping on the beach during these hours run risk of receiving a fine.

Admittedly, tourists who run afoul of this fine can't plead ignorance to the rule - as the times are plastered on signs all along the beach.

These rules are in place to 'ensure the safety of the residents and visitors', according to Murcia Today.

This isn't the only rule that might catch visitors out whilst living life in the Spanish hot spot.

There's a few rules to follow in Benidorm.
Zowy Voeten/Getty Images

There is also a restriction on building sandcastles - and given that most of them are often in a pretty sorry state, this might be a small mercy.

Playing ball games outside of designated areas is also forbidden, as well putting down towels to save spots.

The latter practice - which most of us can agree is extremely annoying - could land you with a £128 fine.

All in all, not following rules in Benidorm could leave your wallet feeling bare.

If you take a dip whilst a red flag is up, you could parting ways with up to £856.

If rocking up to a non-nudist beach in your birthday suit doesn't leave you turning red, doling out £560 in fines certainly will.

So, the moral of the story is that cheap holidays can end up costing you in unexpected ways.

However, one bloke who lived it up in Benidorm went so far as to claim his trip was cheaper than a night out in the UK.

84p pints will have you saying that, no doubt.

Featured Image Credit: Zowy Voeten/Getty Images/Getty Stock Images

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