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What the side of the bed you sleep on says about you as a person

What the side of the bed you sleep on says about you as a person

Apparently it can reveal some clues about your personality

Most of us have our own designated ‘side’ of the bed, which we tend to stick to whether we’re sleeping alone or not.

It’s probably something you’ve never really given much thought to - and it only really becomes an issue if you happen to meet a partner who has the same ‘favourite’ side as you.

In fact, mattress brand Simba, which you can assume is a pretty good authority on this sort of stuff, says which side you choose to sleep on can actually reveal a few things about you.

Yep, according to the company, the side you choose to kip on can reveal things about your personality, including your general mood and attitude to work.

If you sleep on the left

According to Simba, those who opt to sleep on the left side are often more cheerful than their right-side dwelling counterparts.

Not only that, but those who sleep on the left think they are calmer than those who go for the right, and that they’re better in a crisis and more confident in general. Good for them.

They also have a higher level of job satisfaction and are better able to cope with a stressful day at work.

Which side of the bed you sleep could reveal some secrets about your personality.
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If you sleep on the right

So, it seems all pretty positive for those who prefer the left-hand side of the bed, but what about right? Well, right-side sleepers tend to earn more money, so there’s that.

Their slightly less cheerful outlook on life also means that they’re pretty grounded and are usually prepared for any worst case scenarios.

If you like to sleep next to the wall

As Simba points out, occasionally which side you sleep may be dictated by how your bedroom is arranged - but it’s unlikely that anyone who suffers from a touch of claustrophobia would choose to sleep next to a wall, equally those who feel quite safe and secure in a small space will probably choose to sleep away from the door.

Most of us have a preferred side of the bed.

Simba says that up to 10 percent of couples argue about their side of the bed, which can inevitably lead to one of them being left with the side they don’t really want. If this sounds like you, then there’s some good news as habit and routine are more important than the ‘correct’ side of the bed.

Apparently, once we have a side - even if it's not the one we initially wanted - we tend to stick to it as we get used to it pretty soon.

Sweet dreams!

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