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Psychologists say there is one flirting technique that almost always works

Psychologists say there is one flirting technique that almost always works

Can you guess it?

According to psychologists, there's one flirting technique that's totally fool-proof.

Some people find flirting absolutely mortifying, and basically turn red as a beetroot just thinking about it. For others, it just comes naturally.

But whether you're a flirting pro or feel like throwing up with nerves at the mere thought of it, fear not.

All you need to do is reach for the flirting technique that (apparently) always works.

Yep, there's one technique which psychologists say almost (and we stress the almost) always works.

Researchers from Norway and the US teamed up and studied 1,000 people's responses to 40 different types of flirting to determine which approaches worked and which didn't.

Different approaches were effective depending on what a person was looking for at the time.

For example, people looking for something casual responded best to signals that a prospective partner was available.

This included sending out signals such as moving closer to the person and making eye contact with them.

On the other hand, those wanting a long-term partner were more on the lookout for 'signs of generosity and a willingness to commit'.

But there was one flirting technique that seemed to be pretty universal no matter what the other person was looking for in a partner.

Can you guess it?

There's apparently one flirting technique that always works.
Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

It is, of course, being funny.

It seems having a good sense of humour and being able to crack the jokes can go a long way. After all, doesn't everyone place humour as one of the top things they look for in a partner?

You've got to be able to laugh, right?

A good application of humour can go a long way and it gives the other person a chance to send you signals if they're interested, as laughing at someone's jokes is seen as a sign that the flirting is going well.

Now, it goes without saying that being funny is much harder than it sounds.

In fact, *trying* to be funny is often the worst thing you can do.

Being funny is the best tonic.
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

If you struggle to be funny and witty in the moment there's every chance that your attempts to crack a joke will go down like a lead balloon and instead backfire.

Or maybe they'll find it endearing?

Either way, it seems having a sense of humour really is the best tonic when it comes to making a good impression on a date.

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