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Relationship expert admits Cucumber Rule for making yourself more attractive is ‘gross’

Relationship expert admits Cucumber Rule for making yourself more attractive is ‘gross’

The bizarre hack claims to make the opposite sex swoon over you

There are all kinds of tips and tricks out there for singletons to take heed of which will supposedly improve your chances of scoring a date with the person you have got your eye on.

But you might want to pay attention to this bizarre hack which claims to drastically increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex, as a relationship expert has dubbed it 'one of the juiciest flirting hacks I have ever learned in my career'.

Canadian therapist Kimberly Moffit said that although she thinks it is 'gross', it is in fact backed up by science.

She shared her knowledge of the 'Cucumber Rule' with her two million followers on TikTok, explaining that people 'need to run' to their nearest shop to stock up on the correct supplies.

As well as helping to save relationships that are heading for splitsville, the former singer and mother-of-one knows a thing or two about winning over your love interest to.

Kimberly told lads that there is a super easy way to 'turn a woman's head', which strangely involves something that we normally used as an ingredient in a salad.

The relationship expert explained that certain scents can boost your sex drive.

The Cucumber Rule is simple, she said - all you have to do is make yourself smell 'as much as humanly possible' like one.

The relationship and fragrance expert explained: "Now you're probably thinking, but Kimberly, why would I want to smell like a cucumber?

"This is why... A recent study showed that the fresh scent of cucumber increased arousal and blood flow to the clitoris by 13 percent."

How's that for some statistics?

I can neither confirm nor deny whether cucumbers help get the ladies going - however, Kimberly also had some advice to share with women about how fragrances can help up your flirting game, known as the 'Donut Rule'.

She claimed that by simply spritzing yourself with a scent that 'smells like donuts', you will have men falling at your feet.

Kimberly backed up her perfume recommendation with a study conducted by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation.

The whiff of cucumbers apparently gets the ladies going.
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Dr Alan Hirsch, who led the investigation into smell and sexual appetite in Chicago, US, found that a combination of doughnuts and liquorice increased blood flow to the penis by an average of 32 percent.

Men really are a lot easier than you think, huh?

Kimberly said of her informative clips: "Sorry, this is gross but it's true."

Social media users were stunned by the power that scents have over our libidos and flooded the comment section with their thoughts.

One said: "Not me going to look for cologne that has hints of cucumber in it."

Another wrote: "I work at a donut shop... I'm never going to look at the male customers the same ever again."

A third added: "Ah! That's why I love the smell of cucumbers."

Someone else chimed in: "I'll be standing in a donut shop for hours to marinade."

And a fifth joked: "So I will be attracting Homer Simpson?"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ask_kimberly

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