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Woman sparks mass debate after claiming boyfriend only brushes teeth ‘every few weeks’

Woman sparks mass debate after claiming boyfriend only brushes teeth ‘every few weeks’

One woman's confession about her boyfriend has shocked the internet

People of a certain generation may be familiar with the phrase 'cleanliness is next to godliness'.

In short, it means that it's important to keep on top of your hygiene.

Unfortunately, not everybody got the memo.

One woman took to Reddit to ask the question: "Am I the a**hole for nagging my boyfriend to brush his teeth?"

From that title alone, I could safely conclude: "No, you're not."

But anyhow, this is what went down.

She wrote: "I’m super sensitive to strong smells and he rarely brushes his teeth.

"My boyfriend brushes his teeth every few weeks/ months."

Does he not get that weird fuzzy feeling you get when you forget to brush your teeth?

The woman continued: "This didn’t bother me at the start of our relationship but in the last few years it’s starting to brother me more and more.

Clean teeth are an important part of daily hygiene.
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"I’ve tried everything to try and encourage him to start taking care of himself.

"For example asking him to brush his teeth at the same I do, buying him flavoured toothpaste, buying him extremely soft toothbrushes, reminding him at times that are convenient for him, etc.

"Nothing I do has even slightly improved his hygienic practices.

"There’s always an excuse to not brush his teeth or he just says 'I’ll do it later' but later never comes. If we are in close proximity I can’t help but mention it and 'nag' him about it.

"Am I the a**hole?"

A woman admitted she had to force her boyfriend to brush his teeth.
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And it seems Redditors had a lot to say on the matter.

One chimed in: "Your bf is disgusting. I wouldn’t even be friends with someone who didn’t practice personal hygiene, let alone date them."

Another wrote: "Girly what are you doing with a guy that brushes his teeth every FEW WEEKS/MONTHS????

"You are not his mother, it doesn't matter how much you love him, if he's not cleaning his teeth regularly, imagine what else he's not doing? This sounds like something from my nightmares honestly."

However, there were some who laid the blame squarely at the anonymous woman's feet.

One Reddit user commented: "YTA [You're the a**hole]. You dated this man knowing he had bad hygiene and bad breath.

"Now that the lust glow is gone you've realised that you want your boyfriend to have basic hygiene. But he doesn't and he wont. Why should he? He still gets girlfriends and doesn't even brush his teeth."

I guess you could say that her decision to date this guy has... come back to bite her.

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