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Woman shares three ‘mean’ sentences she uses that make men ‘obsessed’ with her

Woman shares three ‘mean’ sentences she uses that make men ‘obsessed’ with her

Apparently the trick is to sound mean but actually be playful

A woman has offered some tailor-made dating advice with three 'mean' lines you can use on different types of men that should get you what you want.

Yes, the dating world can be quite tricky at times as people fumble their way through their feelings while attempting to navigate someone else's too.

There's all sorts of tricks, traps and trends people pick up and use in the hope that it'll provide them with some success in the romantic department.

Sometimes it feels like you've got to keep up with a whole new language to understand what's happening to you.

Ultimately it can be quite difficult to know what to say to convey the true feelings of your heart, or to get the other person's mind set on you.

This is Courtney, she has some dating advice for you.

With that in mind TikToker Courtney Shields has offered some advice to women who want to make a move on a man, telling them three lines which could work depending on the guy in question.

Her first piece of advice was for women trying to strike up some interest from an athletic guy, or someone who looks like he spends time in the gym.

Apparently when talking to this guy you're supposed to tell him 'you look like a big pickleball guy'.

Now this is already a bit of a problem, as pickleball is a bit of a niche sport (which is part of the point of saying it), but isn't quite as popular outside the US.

If you're leaving him wondering what pickleball even is instead of why he looks like a 'big pickleball guy' then the line might not work so well.

Courtney chose the sport because 'it's just so basic right now and everyone does it', so make sure the target of your affections actually knows what the sport is or pick a different game.

For reference, this is pickleball. You might want to try naming a different sport.
Getty Stock Photo

Anyhow, the second line she had 'is meant to be used on someone that you think is a player', with the TikToker explaining that you should actually be 'hard to get' and not just play it that way.

She said you should wait until you've been talking and flirting with the man for a couple of hours before telling him 'this is going to be hard for you', and when he asks what 'this' is you say: "Not getting what you want."

Then apparently you have to follow through and not give him what he wants, which in this scenario is you, which according to Courtney will make him want you even more.

As for the final line, this is for guys who are over six feet in height and confident about it, as Courtney explained that it would just sound 'rude' saying it to someone shorter and the goal was to 'be playful'.

This time you're supposed to tell him 'I remember you being a little taller', and apparently that will drive him 'crazy' thinking about it.

With the target of your affections sufficiently bamboozled, that ought to be enough to make him 'obsessed', and perhaps at some point you'll be able to ditch playing games and have an actual conversation with them.

Featured Image Credit: Courtney_shields/Instagram

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