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The Most Dangerous Sex Position For Men Is Revealed

The Most Dangerous Sex Position For Men Is Revealed

When reading the karma sutra, the last thing on your mind is health and safety.

Very rarely is it considered, in the heat of the moment, to consider your personal welfare.


Yet now, you may wish to consider exactly how you're going to 'do it', as hospitals have spoken of the figures as to the most 'dangerous' sex position for men.

Doing it doggy style leaves blokes at a greater risk of a 'broken penis' than another position, just behind (no pun) the missionary position.

The third most likely cause is 'overzealous masturbation', followed by the cowgirl.

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A broken penis, scientifically known as a penile fracture, happen when the tubes keeping an erection bend with an agonising pop after being accidentally thrust against a hard object such as a partner's pubic bone.

NHS figures have revealed that 18 cases were treated by hospital medics in the UK last year, with the highest risk occurring during 'vigorous sexual intercourse'.

Men in their 20s or 30s are more likely to suffer, because of their better fitness and firmer erections.

There are, of course, extreme examples, such as the doctors in Seattle who had to treat a patient who attempted to penetrate his wife with a flying leap.

The table-topping doggy-style was concluded after Brazilian researchers quizzed 90 victims. Their study was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research.

Credit: PA

As for women, well, it was revealed that two women went to hospital after suffering freak injuries in a threesome in Bad Breisig, Germany.

One toppled 10-foot over a balcony railing during a romp with a man and broke bones in her legs. Her mate, who was running down the stairs to her friend, slipped and suffered neck and arm fractures.

So, they are the worst positions to have sex if you're a man, but what about the best for women in order to achieve an orgasm.

Scientists, last year, researched exactly this, and revealed that again doggy-style is not the best, yet simply, missionary and cowgirl.

The studies, made by Jason Siegel of Mayo Clinic, claim that a woman's orgasm depends completely on the 'migration of the clitoris during sex.'

He found that cowgirl or reverse-cowgirl is the best sex position alongside the good old missionary position. And that the clitoris tends to migrate up the vaginal walls while banging. The closer it gets there, the likelier the chances of having an orgasm are.

Now, we mentioned earlier at the top of the article about not getting the white coat on during sex, but the research also found that the best penetration angle during sex is 30-40 degrees.

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