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Unlicensed 70s Boxing Match Between Two Of The Hardest Men In London

Mel Ramsay

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Unlicensed 70s Boxing Match Between Two Of The Hardest Men In London

Back in the 70s, two of East London's hardest men, Lenny McLean and Roy Shaw, had an unlicensed boxing match.

This isn't a UFC kind of deal, these two blokes were really trying to kill each other.

It's thought that both men were well-known in the criminal underworld of London, respected and feared in equal measures. But of course, that's all just rumour. However, they were both considered as hard as fucking nails.

Due to the fact that it was, as we say, unlicensed, there were no rules. So the referee in this footage was more useless than a sneeze guard on the salad bar during flu season.


People clearly love this shit as the video has racked up an impressive 400k views on YouTube.

As you can see from the crowds, it's been popular since day one. None of your hipster 'liking it before it was cool' shit here.

According to Sick Chirpse, this particular fight was the final of a trilogy that the pair had been involved in. They'd each won one each, so this was the decider.


If you've watched the video, you'll know that McLean emerges as the victor.

However, Shaw wants to keep going. Know when you're beaten, mate.

Featured image credit: YouTube

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Mel Ramsay
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