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Conor McGregor's 'F**k You' Suit Is Available To Buy In The UK

Conor McGregor's 'F**k You' Suit Is Available To Buy In The UK

Given that he's one of the most popular people in the world, many people are keen to walk and talk like Conor McGregor.

The Irishman has gone from rags to riches, achieving his dream of becoming a UFC champion after using his welfare money to get a bus to a gym in Dublin.


Along the way on his incredible journey he's made a beeline for looking sharp, kitting himself out in suits worth thousands of dollars along with expensive watches and jewellery.

Given that McGregor's distinctive look is very pricey, your average high street suits can't really suffice, especially when you consider his are tailor made with 'Fuck You' pinstripes.

However, such is the demand for his personalised suit that Huddersfield-based tailor Owen Scott Bespoke has announced that it will be stocking the controversial outfit so that people in the UK can get their hands on their own.

The cloth used for the suit that was worn for the first press conference to promote The Notrious' upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather was originally manufactured in Huddersfield by Huddersfield Fine Worsteds (HFW) and was used by a US tailor to make McGregor's outfit.


Of course, for you to own one, it's not going to be cheap, but will be a damn sight cheaper than McGregor's original. Off the rack you can get a two piece for £795 or a three piece for £995, while bespoke suits will start from £2,000. Accessories, including ties and handkerchiefs, will also be available.

Credit: Owen Scott

"Huddersfield has a renowned reputation for producing some of the finest cloths in the world so it's fantastic to see that a Huddersfield product has reached a worldwide audience and gained the recognition it deserves," Scott Hufton, Owner of Owen Scott, said.

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"We've been working with HFW to commission the same cloth used for Conor McGregor's suit and we're really excited to be able to offer the suits to our customers. Our initial plan was to offer a bespoke suit made in the cloth but having already received a number of enquiries, we felt it was necessary to make some off the rack suits as well."

It's such a sought after product, and a fairly expensive one, that people have been trying to recreate their own.

Jonny Wilson did just that, claiming he's trying to dress like Conor McGregor on a 'Primark budget'.

Credit: Supplied

It's quite simple, really. Get your suit, a bit of masking tape and a Biro and you're away. It doesn't necessarily have the same effect, but you have to appreciate the ingenuity and intent behind it.

Jonny's yet to wear his custom suit anywhere, but he did tell LADbible: "We have a wedding anniversary coming up. Maybe then."

We're fully behind him turning up to his anniversary wearing this, though he's a bit skeptical; when asked what he thinks his wife's response might be he said: "Divorce, please."

Credit: Supplied

The idea was born out of a desire to emulate the fighting Irishman, but without breaking the bank. Jonny claims he 'watched Blue Peter a lot' when he was a kid, which helped with the intricate process of sticking the tape on the suit.

We hope to see this at his wedding anniversary as well as out on the town very soon.

Featured Image Credit: Owen Scott/PA

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