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Mum Accidentally Buries Wrong Cat Thinking It's Hers

Mum Accidentally Buries Wrong Cat Thinking It's Hers

"Ok, this is embarrassing."

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Losing a family pet can be tough. When a cat or dog is there everyday of your life and you feed, walk and look after it, they really begin to feel like another family member.

When it comes to the time when you have to say goodbye, it gets really tough. Once, upon visiting my nan, I remember walking through her front door, which was already wide open. Walking in, I sat down and asked her why her door was open, to which she replied "I'm waiting for the cat to come back."

"Fair enough," I thought, before inquiring "How long's it been out?". My nan's reply really caught me off guard, as she said: "Oh, about three days now." Sadly, I didn't have the heart to tell her that it's probably dead. That was in 2011. I think she's still waiting for it to come back.

Anyway, that's the effect pets have on you, as it's really hard letting go of them.

This mother and her son's were very cut up about their beloved Tom passing away.

Given their adoration for the feline, Cathy Vickers decided that a proper burial and funeral was in order. She posted to Facebook saying: "RIP sweet Tom. You will always be the coolest cat. My boys will miss you!"

However, in an odd turn of events, an hour after posting the harrowing message and burying who they thought was Tom, she posted another update, confessing that they'd accidentally covered the wrong cat in dirt.

"Ok this is embarrassing. I don't know whose cat we buried, but Tom just showed up at our house. Only at the Vickers' house. Got some happy boys here," she said in the update.

Her son posted screenshots of her statuses to Twitter, racking up 42,000 retweets and over 108,000 likes.

There's no news yet on whose cat it actually was that was buried, but at least it got a good send of from the family. Albeit the wrong family, but at least there were people there paying their respects.

Despite the usual lovable nature of cats, they can often be evil.

This guy got a bit overly-excited on Christmas day, unwrapping his presents, and his cat really couldn't be arsed with it.

The person who uploaded the pictures and videos explained that the cat has a great home and is treated very well but was born a bastard.

The lad ended up going to hospital and needing stitches, but has a PS4 now, so every cloud.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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