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Troll Posts 'Upside-Down Printed Fiver' On eBay To See How Gullible People Are

Troll Posts 'Upside-Down Printed Fiver' On eBay To See How Gullible People Are

Very gullible, as it turns out.

For some reason people love to collect money. I mean, we're all money collectors, because we need it to survive, but people love to collect incorrectly printed or old money.

The notes and coins tend to go for quite a bit of money, which is odd in itself, but this guy has really taken the initiative.

Ex-Navy officer Mike Harris decided he'd upload a picture of a new five pound note, claiming it was printed upside down. Of course, even the dullest of imbeciles can probably work out that it's just an upside down picture. But, then again, people believe anything.

Somehow the asking price has risen up to £65,000 due to the fact the 54-year-old has described it as a 'rare opportunity'.

Credit: Caters

"It was meant as a joke but some people are taking it quite seriously," Mike said. "Some have been calling me a legend and seeing the funny side but others are getting quite annoyed about it."

Video credit: Bank of England

As tempting as it is for the Welshman to take the money and donate it to charity, he's said that he does have morals and won't take it.

He got the idea from people paying some unbelievable prices for fivers. He explained: "I thought surely the public can't be that gullible. It's quite clear in the description that it's a joke but I've had people asking me all sorts of serious questions.

"Anyone who falls for it really shouldn't be allowed an eBay account."

Credit: Caters

Obviously not everyone was fooled by the listing, with one person asking: "Are you having a laugh?." But there were still people who wanted to know whether or not it will be 'sent recorded delivery'.

The original post was removed by eBay, according to Mike, because of 'security' reasons, but has now gone back up and has received another 68 bids in 24 hours.

Featured image credit: Caters

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