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Guy Gets Revenge On Girl Who Cancelled Date Over His Height

Guy Gets Revenge On Girl Who Cancelled Date Over His Height

Teamed up with YouTubers.

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

Anyone who's spent 10 minutes on Tinder may have come across a bio that makes height a prerequisite. "Swipe left if you're not over 6ft", "Don't waste my time if you're 5'6, thanks!", "If you don't resemble the Burj Khalifa in human form then consider it a big fat NO from me!"

As shit as it is, unless you're Rod Stewart or Mick Jagger, 5'9'', 5'10'', girls probably aren't going to bother with the shorter lads out there. Don't fact check me on that.

Why? I don't know. I didn't kick-start the 'bigger is better' fad within the human race. This is just where we are, guys.

Video: Revenge/YouTube

Have you ever thought what it'd be like to turn the tables on women and slate them for being short? Not only that but to film them and upload it to YouTube? Probably not, because most of us aren't thinking about that sort of thing.

Stitch-up merchants 'Revenge' recently got a call from a guy who'd said a girl had lost interest in him because of his height (definitely not his personality) after revealing how tall he has to a girl on dating app J-Swipe.

Image: Revenge

The guys over at 'Revenge' then set up a date with her only to humiliate her for not being over 6ft, calling her a "midget troll".

Watch as the flirty conversation quickly turns awkward after the guy suddenly has a go at the woman.

"How big are your fucking heels?" he asks. "You're a fucking midget troll. Get lost, okay?"

Image: Revenge

The woman tells him to get fucked and to "keep balding" and walks off across the street only to be followed by the wet-lettuce J-Swipe loser she had the audacity to lose interest in. "Hey, remember me?" he asks, whilst pursuing her with a camera. "You don't remember me? How many guys do you talk to?"

The whole thing's a shitshow. A lesson in how to go about never getting laid at any point in your life.

Featured Image Credit: WWE; Caption: Obviously, Andre wasn't involved in this story

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