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Mum Takes Picture Of Little Girl Without Realising There's A Massive Snake Inches Away

Mum Takes Picture Of Little Girl Without Realising There's A Massive Snake Inches Away

A mum shared this adorable picture of her two-year-old daughter on Instagram.

Look how sweet it is...

Hang on a second.


What the bloody hell is that?

Yes, that's a fuck-off massive snake.

The picture was taken on the end of Bianca Dickinson's driveway in Wimmera, Victoria, on Wednesday at 4pm.


She said that she noticed something moving, but assuming it was a piece of bark from a tree in the wind. It was only when her eyes adjusted that she realised what it was.

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She wrote on Instagram: "SO... THIS HAPPENED TODAY!!! Check bottom right corner of pic!! Out taking some snaps of this cute outfit and waiting for the big kids to get off the bus. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye and thought it was bark falling from the tree as it was so windy... looked up to see this big mother of a brown slide past Miss Molly!



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"She didn't even notice it thankfully and is totally fine, I still haven't recovered!! When I got home I was telling the older kids how big the snake was as they were in the vicinity too and one of them asked me if I got a pic of it. I didn't know it at the time but yes I did!! It was at least 2m long!!

"It's still making me sick looking at this. A timely reminder to keep a good lookout around you, it wasn't even hot today. This mumma needs a champas or three!"

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Bianca explained that she instinctively wanted to grab her daughter, but she froze - and Molly copied. She added: "I think because I stayed still, she then stayed still and it literally just kept slithering past."


To make things even scarier, the Eastern brown snake (which this is believed to be) is second most venomous snake in the world. It's actually responsible for the most snake bite-related deaths in Australia. No wonder she shit herself.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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