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Australian Homeowner Shocked As Massive Snake Tries To Get Into His House

Australian Homeowner Shocked As Massive Snake Tries To Get Into His House

There are scarier things to find in Australia, just not that many...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Footage has emerged that shows a python trying to scale the side of a house in Australia. If there was ever a video to put you off travelling to the beautiful Gold Coast, this is it:

Robbie Knill captured the shots once he spotted the three-metre-long snake slithering across his garden. He then watched it cross his patio and begin to bizarrely slither up the wall right above the door that he had just walked right out of.

He said: "I didn't know they could climb houses like that - five minutes later and I would have got the scare of my life,

"I am glad it was me hanging out the washing because the wife would probably never do it again if it was her."

Yeah, me and her both, mate.

According to what Robbie told local media, the large snake has been living in the shed out the back of his house for a while, and occasionally comes out to bid them a fond hello.

Facebook / Robbie Knill

He continued: "He has lived in the rafters of the shed for about six months but with this warmer weather he has woken up a bit and decided to look for food.

"I was looking after a butcher bird that had a broken wing and was feeding him but he has gone missing. He is closer to three metres long when he's stretched out and not all flexed-up."

This guy seems to be slightly blasé about the fact that he shares a cramped space with a large sized snake, and that it has more than likely eaten a bird that he was looking after.

I suppose if you live surrounded by creepy crawlies and venomous serpents such as these, you've just got to get on with it.

Knill said that he was originally a bit creeped out, but now he has learned that the python is on the level.

Facebook / Robbie Knill

He said: "I freaked out the first time I saw him but then after a while I got used to it.

"He just hangs out. He comes out and sees me when I'm working in the shed.

"I don't trouble him, and he doesn't trouble me.

"He was on the shed door once and wouldn't get off so had to get him down and move him.

"Normally when he is on the top of the garage door I can just poke him and he moves over so I can open it."

Fair dinkum, mate.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Robbie Knill

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