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Worker wins £19k compensation after boss called her a 'fatty' and 'prostitute'

Worker wins £19k compensation after boss called her a 'fatty' and 'prostitute'

Aishah Zaman said her old boss Shahzad Younas made a series of sexual advances towards her

A woman who was awarded £19,000 by an employment tribunal after her boss called her 'fatty' and a 'prostitute' may never see any of the money she's owed.

Aishah Zaman, from Glasgow, was subjected to a series of derogatory comments from her Shahzad Younas while working for his firm Knightsbridge Furnishing.

She told the tribunal how he would call her names like 'motee' - Punjabi for 'fatty' - and suggested she stop working as a DJ at night because it's the 'work of prostitutes'.

At one point, Younas, who was married, even came onto Ms Zaman, telling her her 'fancied' her.

In October, Ms Zaman, 35, was awarded £18,984 after the tribunal found that Younas and his firm were responsible for sexual harassment.

Aishah Zaman was awarded nearly £19,000 by an employment tribunal.
Media Scotland

However, because the company she used to work for has now been liquidated, she may not receive any of it.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Ms Zaman said: "It feels like a game he's playing, just dragging it out. I feel like I've been played.

"I'm working day and night and throwing everything I earn at this. I want to see it through but I can't afford it.

"He's running his businesses from Pakistan and Budapest. He can run that from anywhere.

"But I know he's sitting back laughing at me. Basically, I've lost and he's won."

She told the paper that her team had attempted to contact Younas but had not heard anything back.

It was revealed last year that Younas had made a number of unwanted advances towards Ms Zaman during her time with his company.

Employment judge Russell Bradley labelled them 'unwanted and humiliating'.

Shahzad Younas was found to have acted inappropriately towards his former employee.
Media Scotland

Younas later claimed that Ms Zaman had stolen £17,718 from the company, and said that he would drop the allegations if she did not go ahead with the case.

These claims were branded as simply 'false' by Mr Bradley.

Ms Zaman said that she feels let down by the system and fears her old boss, who lists himself as running his textile business in Hungary and Poland, according to his LinkedIn, will never face justice.

"People just have this mentality that I must have done something wrong for him to act the way he did but the judgement was clear," she said.

"The system doesn't feel strong enough for this. The tribunal can issue a judgement but they can't enforce it.

"He can sit in any other country and run his companies and he'll carry on the way he is."

Sameer Khan, the previous director of Knightsbridge Furnishing, said: "We are sorry as we are out of business so we are not able to pay any claims."

Featured Image Credit: Media Scotland

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