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Aldi trolls supermarket as customers complain about paying £10.50 for Kenco coffee

Aldi trolls supermarket as customers complain about paying £10.50 for Kenco coffee

Aldi had a pop at another supermarket - again - over the cost-of-living crisis affecting prices on everyday goods

Aldi has issued yet another acerbic put down of a fellow retailer on Twitter after a customer complained about prices somewhere else.

The German supermarket is never afraid of having a pop at competitors online, just look at the lengthy – and ongoing – stuff around their caterpillar cakes... Marks and Spencer and Aldi have been going at it for ages over that one.

But this time, it’s Co-op that they’re taking aim at.

Customers took to Twitter to complain about prices getting higher and higher after someone shared a picture of some coffee that was priced at more than £10.

What’s more, the product had been replaced by a dummy jar in order to deter theft.

Putting aside the Aldi jokes, it’s actually pretty sad that we’ve arrived at this point.

Anyway, the Kenco coffee jars are priced at £5.50 and £10.50 respectively, with one large jar of Nescafe costing £9.35.

Here's what the customer discovered in the Co-op.

That’s just for instant coffee, by the way.

What’s more, the three jars don’t even have any coffee in them, with a sticker on the front reading: “This product is a dummy. Not for sale.

“Please ask a member of staff for help.”

A tweet about the picture read: “Cost of living reaching new heights, my local co-op is now a grocery showroom.

“Also ft periodic tannoy announcements from mitie security that their cameras are watching you. bleak af.”

Bleak AF, indeed.

Another person wrote: “Lots of ppl obsessing over these prices... I'd never pay a tenner for this either, but surely what's more alarming is the sudden need for this insane securitisation, a function of rising poverty.”

Loads of people chimed in to say that they’ve experienced the same sort of thing in their local shops, lamenting how sad and bleak this expensive world we’ve been forced into truly is.

Still, Aldi like to have a joke about these sorts of things, and tweeted out a picture of their own coffee, writing: “If only there was a MUCH cheaper alternative...”

They added on some shifty eyes in emoji form for good measure.

Aldi had a dig at the Co-op pricing.

It seems as if there’s a serious message to the whole thing though, as in one comment they then added: “We’re working hard, alongside our suppliers, to protect our customers from the impacts of inflation as much as possible.

“The industry-wide inflation has been driven by many external factors, but our customers can be confident that they will always get the lowest prices at Aldi.”

Others have added their own comments, including one who joked: “I don't drink coffee it makes me all hyper. I drink Gin...”

Another said: “Is yours called Cuthbert's Coffee?”

Let’s not get into another of those, eh?

A spokesperson from Co-op said: "Protecting the safety of our colleagues is a priority and we know shoplifting can be a flashpoint for violence against shopworkers so whilst this is not a nationwide policy, a decision to implement product security measures at a local level can be made, if a store is experiencing a particular issue."

Featured Image Credit: amer ghazzal / Alamy / SWNS

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