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The Chocolate Digestive Voted The UK's Favourite Biscuit


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The Chocolate Digestive Voted The UK's Favourite Biscuit

Tea and biscuits is as much of a British institution as fish & chips and a good old fry-up. We are a healthy bunch.

The question is, which biscuit is the preferred dunking choice? Well, now we have an answer to the age-old debate - Chocolate Digestives have been named the UK's #1 choice.

Credit: McVitie's/Ocado
Credit: McVitie's/Ocado

Researchers over at Perspectus Global surveyed 2,000 Brits to ask them to name their fave biscuit, with a whopping 69% going to the McVitie's classic.

Shortbread ranked second best, while Chocolate Fingers, Jaffa Cakes and Chocolate HobNobs made it to the top five respectively.

Other entries into the top 20 include some of the old classics such as the Custard Cream, Bourbon, Rich Tea and Ginger Nut.

The latter of the list was, unsurprisingly, found to be a preference of the older generation - 60% of the over 60s expressed a love for the Ginger Nut, while only 31% of the 16 to 29 group stated the same.

This finding is flipped when it comes to the US-born Oreo, with 63% of the younger group picking it as their favourite compared to just 15% of the older group.

Credit: Mondelez International/Tesco
Credit: Mondelez International/Tesco

Another important finding is that UK residents enjoy an average of 11 biscuits a week. And if you're wondering which town is the biggest biscuit lover of all, it's Norwich, where residents eat an average of 650 of the sweet treats each year.

Of course, dunking in a hot drink is still the nation's preferred method of consumption, with a third of respondents opting for tea with their biscuits and 22% choosing coffee.

This is particularly true for the younger folks - 23% of the 16 to 29 group are partial to a dunk, a figure that drops down to just 11% for the over 60s.

Credit: Free-Photos/Pixabay
Credit: Free-Photos/Pixabay

The study reflects a LADbible poll conducted last year where McVitie's Chocolate Digestives also came out on top as the UK's favourite.

Director at Perspectus Global Ellie Glason said: "We were surprised to see just how much the nation still loves a biscuit - and especially the people of Norwich who get through a staggering 650-a-year.

"It's also interesting to see from the research that American imports such as the Oreo and Maryland cookie have found their way into the top 20, even beating the Garibaldi and fig roll.

"Yet the British public clearly still hold the chocolate digestive close to their hearts, with the biscuit emerging as the clear winner of the poll."

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