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Andrew Tate insists he would never kill himself in ominous message from Romanian prison

Rachel Lang

| Last updated 

Andrew Tate insists he would never kill himself in ominous message from Romanian prison

Andrew Tate has shared a bizarre and rather dark admission from his Romanian prison cell.

He's been imprisoned since late December as prosecutors prepare their case against him for the suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organised crime group.

Tate, who somehow has access to Twitter in prison, posted: "I would never kill myself."

The five word tweet came shortly after another post, which may have prompted the follow-up message: "I updated my will from prison. I will be donating USD$100 million (AUD$120 million, £83 million) to start a charity to protect men from false accusations."


In another tweet, he also said: "Everything you are stems from what you’ve experienced. It’s an unstoppable force like gravity. You cannot stop the programming but, you can choose what you hear and experience. You can choose what and who programs your mind."

The controversial social media personality has refuted all claims levied against him.


He has also repeatedly claimed he has been imprisoned by 'the Matrix', whatever that means.

His brother, Tristan Tate, and two female Romanian suspects were also detained on the same allegations by Romanian authorities in December.

Tate's latest tweets come days after prosecutors claimed a string of women were turned 'into slaves' by the divisive YouTuber and his associates.


Fresh documents containing dozens of WhatsApp messages Tate sent to at least one of the women involved in the human trafficking operation showed him offering her love and a new life in exchange for 'absolute loyalty', as per Reuters.

"You must understand that once you are mine, you will be mine forever," Tate allegedly wrote on February 4, 2022.

"Nothing bad will happen," he then seemingly wrote on February 9.

"But you have to be on my side."


Prosecutors claim that within the month, Tate allegedly raped the woman from the neighbouring nation of Moldova twice.

Authorities also claim he forced her to join his alleged human trafficking scheme that involved making pornography for OnlyFans.

The BBC reports that investigators have confirmed that six women in total have now been identified as potential victims of Tate's alleged ring.


The women were allegedly branded with tattoos that read 'Property of Tate' and 'Tate Girl'.

The six women worked in Tate's compound in Bucharest, where the misogynist lived with his brother and other staff of his adult web-cam business.

The BBC verified the identities of the six women with a member of Tate's staff.

However, two of the six women have since publicly denied any mistreatment by the Tate brothers.

A court in Romania recently ruled the Tate brothers will remain in custody for a further 30 days.

Featured Image Credit: lcv / Alamy Stock Photo.

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Rachel Lang
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