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​Burger King Gives Free Burgers To Terminally Ill Dog

​Burger King Gives Free Burgers To Terminally Ill Dog

Burger King has treated a terminally-ill dog to free burgers for the rest of his life, helping him live his last days to the fullest - one tasty morsel at a time.

Cody, a 10-year-old Boxer-Labrador, was diagnosed with cancer about two months ago and given just one to three months to life, depending on how much his cancer had spread.

His family decided to treat the poor pup to plain cheeseburgers (condiments aren't very good for him, you see) - either cooking them at home or going to a fast food chain as a means of giving him something enjoyable and administering his medicine more easily.


But one day, when they went to pick up his daily snack, staff at their local Burger King threw Cody a bone when they told his humans that they'd no longer be charged for the dog's burgers.

Owner Alec Karcher, 22, tweeted the tear-jerking story, writing: "About two months ago, my 10 year old dog named Cody was diagnosed with cancer. He was given about 1-3 months to live depending on how fast the cancer spread.


"My family and I were heartbroken by the news, but we decided we wanted to try and make the last part of his life the best we could. Every day since we found out, we've gotten him a plain cheeseburger to eat with his many medications to make it easier and more enjoyable for him.

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"Today, when we stopped at Burger King to get his daily burger, one of the employees nicely asked why we were getting a plain cheeseburger, and we told her Cody's story. She immediately asked us to wait a second after she gave us our food.

"A few minutes later, she returned after talking to her manager. She asked us for a name, and said that the rest of the cheeseburgers for Cody would be free at their location."


He added: "I can't explain how much that means to us, and my family and I are beyond appreciative. S/o to the employees at the Burger King on Alexis Rd in Toledo, OH for being the best around."

Burger King replied: "The world needs more kindness and empathy. Thank you for giving us the chance to do this for Cody."


Others were equally as moved by Cody's story, with one person tweeting: "Why is Burger King making me cry at 7.30 on a Monday morning..."

Someone else commented: "Wow, I wish Cody the best. This jerked a tear from me, I'll admit it. I know the love an animal can give you, and its amazing seeing how a dog can spread love to an employee at Burger King who just heard a story about him. What a heartfelt company, I hope Cody can stick through."

Enjoy those burgers, Cody pal.

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