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​Cat Spotted Stealing Minister’s Milk During Online Prayer Broadcast

​Cat Spotted Stealing Minister’s Milk During Online Prayer Broadcast

The Dean of Canterbury was leading an online prayer service on Monday morning when he was interrupted by Tiger the cat

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A cheeky cat has been caught on camera stealing some of its owner's milk, showing it has absolutely 'zero Fs' about the fact it was destined for a minister's cup of tea.

The Very Reverend Dr Robert Willis, Dean of Canterbury, was leading an online prayer service on Monday morning, having set himself up in the garden outside with a pot of tea beside him.

But Dean Robert was upstaged slightly by a four-legged intruder, as Tiger the cat jumped up onto the table beside him and helped himself to the milk.

As Dean Robert realised what was going on beside him, he stopped his sermon and leant across to pet Tiger - one of four cats at the Deanery; another one called Leo also went viral recently for a similar stunt - saying to the camera: "Sorry, we've acquired a friend this morning."

Canterbury Cathedral

As the clip began to circulate online, it proved to be the animal antics that everyone needs right now, with one person tweeting: "Zero Fs given this made me chuckle in this crazy situ we are in right now."

Someone else said: "The content we need and deserve right now."

A third joked: "Obviously Tiger has forgotten the 8th Commandment 'Thou shall not steal!'"

And it's not just Tiger the cat who has wanted to get in on the thrill of an online broadcast, with a golden retriever recently seen interrupting his owner's live weather forecast, which was being filmed from home.

Fox News 13-Tampa Bay's chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto was in the middle of explaining how temperatures were going to track over the next few days when his adorable dog Brody hit his head on the device that helped the forecast animations work.

"That wasn't quite smart," Dellegatto said to his pooch, before asking Brody to jump up on his lap and get the attention he was desperately craving while still giving the forecast.

Dellegatto also hinted that the mid-broadcast interruption could be due to Brody wanting to be fed, promising his pet that he'd get some food after everything was done.

They always say to never work with animals, but maybe the trick all along has been to simply own it... And to let them have the limelight the deserve.

Featured Image Credit: Canterbury Cathedral

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