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Dog Puts Owner's Car Into Reverse And Drives In Circles For An Hour

Dog Puts Owner's Car Into Reverse And Drives In Circles For An Hour

The Florida dog had the ride of a lifetime when it got behind the wheel of the grey Sedan

You would think that it's only really gangs or youths you'd have to worry about stealing your car.

But one crafty canine has proven that's not quite the case when he had his owner in a spin after taking their motor for a ride this week.

Neighbours on a cul-de-sac in Port St. Lucie, Florida, were stunned when they came out of their homes and spotted a grey Sedan going round in circles, seemingly with no one behind the wheel.

Except there was, it just wasn't the owner.

According to local reports, the car's owner had just parked up and stepped out of the car for a moment. However, it seems they made the mistake of leaving their dog alone in the car for a split second and, unfortunately, a split second was all it needed.


And that's when things went t*** up.

Incredibly, the black Labrador managed to get into the front and somehow knock the vehicle into reverse, sending it spinning out of control. And what's more impressive, it kept the car going for almost an hour.

Police were eventually called to the scene and after some waiting around and scratching of heads, managed to stop the vehicle and get the dog out before it could cause too much damage.

A reporter for WPTV said: "The dog's owner, police, and firefighters crafted a plan to stop this near hour-long spree.

"Police say they were finally able to stop this dog's joy ride by punching a passcode into the driver's side door to get inside, but not before the dog first took out this mail box, a trash can, and some bricks in front of a home."

Amused neighbour Anna Sabol witnessed the dog's first solo drive.

She added: "But the best news was that the dog wasn't hurt at all, in fact pretty happy after his first, and hopefully last, solo drive.

Speaking to local news, amused neighbour Anna Sabol said: "It was weird, I figured 'how the heck did they manage to do that'. He was a better driver than a lot of them I've seen.

"Then I saw another cop car and another cop car. I laughed, I thought they should give the dog a licence to drive."

She added: "He was doing pretty good until he hit the mail box. He went around for about an hour without hitting anything at all. I saw the dog jump out, wagging his tail, and I was like, 'OK, good driving'."

Featured Image Credit: WPTV

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