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Woman finds disturbing note in pocket of charity shop jacket

Woman finds disturbing note in pocket of charity shop jacket

The note was certainly an eerie discovery for the woman who was just having a mooch in a charity shop.

I don't know about you, but there isn't a much better feeling than mooching round charity shops and finding some real bargains.

And with the cost of living crisis continuing to impact millions of Brits, being solvent with our money has never been so important.

But one woman didn't manage to find a bargain in her local charity shop, instead finding something that led to an eerie discovery.

You often find a sentimental detail hidden inside something you've picked up second-hand, whether it's a personalised message at the front of a book or an old necklace left behind in a handbag.

The eerie note was found in a jacket.

Other times, you might be less lucky and stumble upon a snotty tissue or a used plaster, which is nothing short of grim.

But one person in the US was surprised to discover something a lot more sinister when she looked at a 'lovely red jacket', having come across a note from a previous owner asking to be buried in the suit.

A Facebooker shared a photo of the 'death note' online, writing: "Thrift shopping JoAnn found this lovely red jacket and it had a note pinned in the pocket."

One photo shows a woman modelling a red suit jacket with floral detailing, while the next image is a close-up of the note she found in the pocket.

"Bury me in this red suit," the message reads.

Given that the garment was found in a charity shop, it seems like its previous owner didn't get their wish.

The post has since racked up hundreds of likes and shares, with many Facebook users commenting on the strange find - saying it was 'sad' that the woman never got what she wanted.

One person wrote: "Well SOMEONE didn't get their dying wish."

Many were left shocked by the note.

Another person said: "This is sad af.

"Beware. The dead owner might haunt you for her jacket. I sure as hell would ahaha."

A third commented: "Oh, I hope she got buried in something wonderful."

Another added: "Well, that makes me really sad. Either her one humble wish was not honoured or... Maybe she's living forever!"

Others suggested the woman may have been better off to have pinned the note on the 'outside of the jacket' or in a 'more obvious place'.

Meanwhile, another Facebooker said it had inspired them to enjoy a bit of fun.

"I'm gonna start putting this in the pockets of all the clothes I donate," they joked.

Here's hoping the previous owner ended up finding something even better to be buried in, and that this red jacket was just a back-up.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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