Friendly Beluga Whale Retrieves Kayaker's GoPro From Water

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Friendly Beluga Whale Retrieves Kayaker's GoPro From Water

The following video is without a doubt proof that we do not deserve animals.

An unbelievably tame and incredibly cute beluga whale helps out a kayaker who had lost his GoPro in the sea.


Diver Joachim Larssen was kayaking out on the waters of Hammerfest Bay in Norway when the beluga whale swam up to greet him.


The curious little fella, known as Hvaldimir, is a local celebrity, and he followed Joachim's kayak earlier this month, touching up against it to get his attention.

Obviously keen to grab the chance to get some unique close up footage of the friendly sea creature, he submerged his camera under the water.

Little Hvaldimir comes towards the lens, showing us rarely captured shots. He looks into the camera then turns side on, giving us all the angles as he works it for his soggy photo shoot.

He then moves closer to the camera and knocks it off its mount. The camera falls to the floor and into the water. It looks like it might be staying there, but the footage from the GoPro goes from the black of the floor to light again, as Hvaldimir grabs it in his mouth and takes it back to surface.

The living legend that is Hvaldimir. Credit: Caters
The living legend that is Hvaldimir. Credit: Caters

He appears to give it to Joachim, who then gives him a little stroke and pets him as he bobs around next to the kayak.

Joachim said: "I wanted to film him underwater and I think he knows what a GoPro is so he takes it from me and drops it before he goes down to get it for me.

"I know that he is probably trained by the Russians and that he was found with a GoPro harness.


"I was surprised and didn't want to touch him in the start since I normally don't touch wild animals unless I'm helping it.

"But in this case I made an exception due to how much he wanted contact, it was magical to meet him like this!"

As cute as he is, it's been reported that Hvaldimir is so tame because he has been trained. Theories extend from him being a Russian spy - he was found with a 'St Petersburg Equipment' harness on him - to a 'therapy whale' from a diving centre that was used to help children overcome trauma.

He's also reported to have retrieved a woman's iPhone from the water.


Russian spy or not, Hvaldimir needs to be protected at all costs.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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