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Horrific moment huge sea creature devours shark in a single bite

Horrific moment huge sea creature devours shark in a single bite

The giant fish leapt out of the water and grabbed its prey

A group of fishermen couldn't believe their eyes as they watched a blacknose shark get devoured by a huge sea creature.

And incredibly, they caught the shocking moment on video. Take a look:

Captain John Brossard was out sailing with his crew off the coast of Goodland, Florida when they managed to hook a blacknose shark.

But the 3ft-long shark wasn't the only creature lurking around the boat.

The fishermen also spotted three Atlantic goliath groupers gearing up to take the shark down.

Because believe it or not, sharks aren't the only top predators in the ocean.

In the clip, the crew can be heard anticipating an attack as the grouper circles its prey, before, in one swift move, one of the giant fish leaps out of the water, grabs the shark in its jaws and swims off with it, breaking the fishing crew's line.

Fishermen off the coast of Florida captured the shocking moment an Atlantic goliath grouper took down a blacknose shark.
PEN News

Brossard later shared some details about the jaw-dropping moment, saying: "Basically we were shark fishing when all of a sudden two or three goliath groupers started hanging out under the boat waiting for our catch to come in.

"We were just thinking 'wow, unbelievable! Something is going to eat a shark and it's bigger than a shark.'

"We were very surprised. Basically it ate the shark, and took down and broke the line. We were using a 50-pound test line and that was not enough."

Meanwhile, he reckoned the grouper weighed around 500 lbs.

It's certainly a privilege to see the natural world in action like this, but the main thing Brossard seems to have taken away from the experience is that sharks aren't all they're cracked up to be.

He said: "Do they deserve all the hype? I think sometimes yes and sometimes no, but most of the time, no.

The giant fish devoured the 3ft shark whole.
Getty Stock Image

"Of course, if you get in their way, in their territory and the water is dirty, yes, they will taste you to see if you are good eating."

Brossard says that out in the Florida Everglades, sights like the grouper attack aren't that uncommon.

He continued: "There are sharks, alligators, crocodiles, pythons, dolphins and manatees all in one place. It's the only place in the world that has all these creatures in one place and everything there tries to eat everything else.

"Bull sharks have been seen getting eaten by crocodiles and alligators sometimes, and sharks also get eaten by bigger fish there."

He continued to say that's why they choose to fish there. "What we like to catch is big fish," he said. “They are all predators in the Everglades. You don’t wanna get lost there and have to walk or swim home.”

We'll take that one off the bucket list then...

Featured Image Credit: PEN News

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