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Urgent warning issued to dog walkers across the UK

Urgent warning issued to dog walkers across the UK

There's an important step to take when you come back from a walk

An urgent warning has been issued to dog walkers across the UK.

Now the weather’s finally getting a bit nicer, the thought of taking your pet for a stroll doesn’t come with as much dread.

And with less chance you’re going to be chattering your teeth the entire time, pet owners are likely to be walking for a little longer and maybe in different places.

But a terrible disease is hitting pooches and the consequences are deadly.

An urgent warning has been issued to UK dog walkers.
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Dogs are suffering from Alabama Rot, which is capable of causing flesh to rot.

What is Alabama Rot?

Otherwise known as Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV), Alabama Rot is a disease that damages the blood vessels in the skin and kidneys, causing visible sores on the skin. Affecting dogs, it can lead to severe organ dysfunction and ultimately, kidney failure.

A recent victim was reported in Dorset, where vets spotted the disease in a small dog for the first time - which sadly died.




Alice Moore, from Castle Vets, told The Sun: “We have had two cases in the last few weeks. It’s really horrible to have our first case.

"It seems to be affecting outdoor dogs and those dogs that have walked in woodlands - they are assuming it is some toxin they are picking up on their foot.

"We are advising people to wash the dogs legs off when they come back in case it is something they are coming back with."

What dog breeds does Alabama Rot affect?

Alabama Rot is a very rare disease and tends to affect breeds such as Labradors, Spaniels and Vizlas. But experts do claim all dogs are at risk.

The RSPCA says the cause of the deadly disease is unknown but research is ongoing.

Pet owners are being advised to wash their dog's legs off after a muddy walk.
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Where is Alabama Rot found?

Usually, Alabama Rot is found out in the countryside rather than where you might just be strolling with your dog around residential areas.

Most cases are reported during winter and spring, and it’s said to be even rarer in hotter months.

What are the symptoms of Alabama Rot?

Symptoms of the disease include skin sores, visible swelling, red patch or skin defects that aren’t caused by a known injury.

Usually, these skin lesions will appear below the knee or elbow and sometimes on the face or towards the lower chest or abdomen.

Changes in appetite are also a symptom of Alabama Rot with reduced appetite, an increase in drinking, vomiting and lethargy being signs of acute kidney injury.

While cases are ‘extremely low’ in the UK, the RSPCA says ‘there’s little reason to be worried’.

But it does recommend making sure to wash off all mud following a wet and muddy walk.

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