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A bizarre video shows the moment that a woman had to get out of her car and explain how a roundabout works to stop someone from turning into oncoming traffic.

The incident was shared on TikTok, and in the video there appears to be two women in a car in Australia who had been waiting for some time behind another car trying to turn against oncoming traffic.

The problem is, the car is on a roundabout, so can only turn with traffic without turning straight into the other cars going the opposite direction.

Not a great idea, as you can probably imagine.

The woman seemed to want to turn into traffic.

So, after allegedly sitting behind her for 10 minutes, one of the women decided to get out and try to gently explain to the other driver that what she was waiting for wasn’t going to happen.

Still, even after that, the car was sitting at the edge of the two roads indicating to turn into the onrushing cars.

In the end, the woman seemingly realised what was going on and turned the correct way, getting onto the roundabout safely.

The video was shared on TikTok by one of the passengers, going by the username @katieeelizabeeth.

She wrote: “After waiting 10 minutes at the busiest roundabout watching this woman that was trying to turn into oncoming traffic.

“I had to get out and explain how to use a roundabout…”

Then, in a later comment, she added: “To clarify. She was edging forward turning right into the oncoming traffic instead of going around the roundabout to the right for anyone confused.”

One comment read: “You potentially saved someone’s life.

“If she had turned right, she would have driven straight into oncoming traffic.”

Another said: “Insufferable and dangerous, what a combo.”

A third wrote: “You are a better person than me I would [have] been out of patience especially after talking to her.”

So, she hopped out to explain how a roundabout works.

Some people pointed out that the driver could have been indicating the wrong way as she's going the whole way around the roundabout, which would be correct.

However, those in the car behind clearly didn’t think that was the reason.

Also, look at where the car is in the road – it doesn’t seem like she’s trying to get onto the roundabout the correct way, does it?

Anyway, most people have lauded the patience of those behind, as well as criticising the driver's seeming misunderstanding of the rules of the road.

Stay safe out there on the roads, people.

It’s a dangerous game, driving – particularly if you don’t understand the rules.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@katieeelizabeeth

Topics: Weird, Cars, Australia, TikTok

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