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Australia’s east coast is set to have a very wet spring

Australia’s east coast is set to have a very wet spring

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned the coming months will be wet and rainy.

People on Australia's east coast have already endured a chilling, wet, and unpredictable winter, and now they're preparing for another La Niña summer.

But nestled in between those two seasons, it seems another weather event is going to put residents into a spin.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned us of heavy rains forecast for spring, with still recovering flood-prone areas urged to brace themselves for a harsh season ahead.

With additional moisture in the air and warmer waters than usual around the entirety of Australia, cold fronts are being driven across the country, bringing cold winds and substantial downpours to Victoria and New South Wales.

Experts have stated that the compounding of this phenomenon may cause even wetter conditions to be upon us.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s three-month outlook shows a high chance of above-average rainfall for Victoria between September and November 2022.

This could be a dangerous reality for areas with higher risk of flooding, with rivers and dams already at their peak with our winter rainfall.

Despite this, temperatures are predicted to be warmer than usual for the spring months in Victoria, though less prone to bushfires, with this luck spreading to NSW and the ACT as well.

Featured Image Credit: L.S. Sandiford / Alamy Stock Photo

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