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Best Man's Incredible Prank At Altar On Wedding Day Has People In Stitches

Best Man's Incredible Prank At Altar On Wedding Day Has People In Stitches

The groom was not impressed whatsoever

A best man's incredible prank at the altar has got people in stitches. Check it out below:

As shown in the clip above, the groom dressed in white turns over to collect his wedding ring from the best man and hesitantly asks him 'don't play'.

It's safe to say that warning was completely ignored.

The prankster then opts to pull out a bright yellow pacifier and hands it over to the unimpressed groom.


The guests absolutely p*** themselves laughing, along with the officiant.

The bride even found amusement in the prank, while the groom, however, was not amused in the slightest.


One user pointed out: "The officiant having an absolute ball with that joke."

Another added: "Yeah he and the bride definitely seemed to appreciate it the most."

A third quipped: "I’ve never seen a more 'this mf' expression before."

While a fourth commented: "The straight face makes it so much funnier lmao."


Someone else wrote: "If you have to turn to him and say, 'don't play' then you know what you're signing up for making him the best man lol."

Another user joked: "Yup, and everyone in that room knew exactly what was coming too, judging by the way they laugh as he reaches in his pocket.


"That man has a reputation for being a class clown, the groom knew better."

A final person commented: "That's just fun...well played, too!

"You gotta love that!"

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

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