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'Black Alien' says he used to be a 'very sexy guy' before his transformation

'Black Alien' says he used to be a 'very sexy guy' before his transformation

Anthony Loffredo has undergone extensive body modifications and tattoo sessions in a bid to make his appearance resemble a 'Black Alien'.

A man who has turned himself into a 'Black Alien' said he used to be a 'very sexy guy' before his transformation.

Anthony Loffredo has undergone extensive body modification procedures and tattoo sessions in a bid to completely change his physical appearance.

The French man has had two fingers, his nose and ears removed as well as arm implants, had his tongue forked and tattooed his eyeballs. He's also hoping to remove a leg as his transformation is only 57 percent complete.

However, his new appearance has not been readily accepted by others, with Loffredo revealing people tend to be very judgemental and he is often subjected to trolling comments on social media.

When asked about his extensive physical changes, in a new Channel 4 documentary, he's happy with his new look because his old 'sexy' body was not the right one for him.

Anthony Loffredo opened-up about his transformation.
Channel 4 Documentaries

Speaking to filmmaker Arthur Bruel, the pair form a weird yet wonderful relationship. Loffredo shows Bruel some before and after pictures, including one face shot where he has zero modifications and another where he gives the camera his best smoulder while he crosses his massive arms.

“Happy, but not in the right body,” he tells the filmmaker.

“But you were a very good-looking guy,” Bruel responds.

“Very sexy guy,” Loffredo clarifies.

When Bruel asks why he decided to change, Loffredo says: “But I’m the same person! Same heart!”

He continues: “But it’s not my body, my real body.”

Loffredo also says that ‘deep down’ he was unhappy with his old body.

Later in the documentary, Loffredo and Bruel talk to members of the public in Mexico, where Loffredo is currently based.

One man asks if Loffredo has ‘tattooed his intimate areas’, and he confirms he has.

“Yes, I have!” he says with a laugh.

Anthony Loffredo before his 'Black Alien' transformation.
Channel 4 Documentaries

And then Loffredo meets two women on a bench who clearly show an interest in him.

“Show me your tongue!” one woman asks, before firing more questions about its green colour.

“It’s tattooed, it’s ink,” Loffredo responds, appearing to be unfazed by the woman’s fascination with him.

“Do you think Anthony is sexy?” Bruel asks the woman one-on-one.

“Yes!” she giggles, before adding that she finds him attractive.

Just in case you start shipping the pair, Loffredo reveals to Bruel he actually has a lady friend in Mexico City already.

So, perhaps he's just a different kind of 'sexy guy' now.

You can watch the full Channel 4 documentary here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @the_black_alien_project

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