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'Black alien' with extreme body modifications shocks fans after sharing 'new look'

'Black alien' with extreme body modifications shocks fans after sharing 'new look'

He has shared his latest 'change' in the 'Black Alien Project'

A man who has decided to become a 'Black Alien' over the past few years has shared a 'new look' with his Instagram followers.

Anthony Loffredo, known as the 'Black Alien', garnered a following online after going viral for his extreme body modifications.

Speaking to filmmaker Arthur Bruel for Channel 4, he'd previously described himself as having a 'very sexy' body.

But Loffredo added that how he looked before wasn't for him, adding: "Happy, but not in the right body."

So far, the Frenchman has completed more than half of his transformation.

Loffredo has amputated his nose, ears, top lip and two fingers, as well as having his eyeballs tattooed.

In addition, he has completely covered his skin in tattoos and split his tongue like a snake.

Every time it seems like he can't do much more, he seems to go above and beyond - with his latest post sparking a huge conversation among his 1.4 million Instagram followers.

However, this one is different from his usual posts.

The 'Black Alien' has made several drastic changes to his appearance to appear extra-terrestrial.

Rather than showing off a new modification, the social media star has decided to work on his photo-editing skills instead.

In the photo, Loffredo's head appeared longer than normal - more like what many people would envision an alien's head to look like.

But this addition looks more like wishful thinking, as Loffredo captioned the picture: "Sometimes dreams can't come true, so we start using photo editing.

"200% Black Alien Project Evolution."

He also posted a photo of an extra-terrestrial figure alongside the edited photo of his face.

However, for reasons unknown since then, he has deleted his account.

Before this, the post had received over 60k likes and thousands of comments.

The edited photo was posted less than a week ago.

Followers quickly shared their thoughts on the picture, with one claiming he'd 'lost his mind'.

Another commented: "Imagine one day we learn aliens look 0% like that, would you change your modification plans or not?"

However, Loffredo received some support from fans - as someone told him to 'follow your dreams'.

A fourth brought up one of his previous commitments: "We are still waiting for you to remove your one leg though as you promised."

While this modification is entirely photoshopped, Loffredo isn't finished with his transformation.

He'd previously revealed his plan to split his penis in half as a part of his transformation - a process which didn't make him feel 'nervous' in the slightest.

If that doesn't signal commitment to the cause, I don't know what does.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/The_Black_Alien_Project

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