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Brad Pitt praised for complimenting Martin Brundle on same day presenter got ignored by Cara Delevingne

Brad Pitt praised for complimenting Martin Brundle on same day presenter got ignored by Cara Delevingne

The A-lister has been congratulated for his knowledge of the F1 driver

Formula 1's newest star Brad Pitt has been praised for complimenting Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle at the British Grand Prix on same day he seemed to get ignored by Cara Delevingne.

Footage of Brundle at Silverstone went viral after he attempted to approach Delevingne on the grid yesterday (9 July), only to be quickly shut down by the model who told him she didn't want to chat.

After trying and failing to win her over, Brundle walked away with a quick jab at Delevingne, saying: "All right, well I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting."

Cara Delevingne repeatedly told Brundle she didn't want to chat.
Sky Sports

Twitter users were quick to pick up on the snub, with many criticising Delevingne for her behaviour - though the model has since hit back and claimed she was 'told to say no' to Brundle.

Fortunately for Brundle, though, he did find someone who was willing to chat to him - none other than Pitt himself.

The actor was at Silverstone yesterday after being cast as an F1 driver in a movie, and was spotted alongside his co-star Damson Idris on the grid.

As he caught up with Brundle, Pitt said it was 'great to be' at the event and even threw the presenter a compliment during the interview, proving that he knew Brundle used to be a driver himself.

Noting that Pitt would be playing a 'guy who raced in the 90s', he told Brundle: "In fact I would have been on the track with you at some point. So you've got to do a cameo."

Naturally, Brundle was on board with this idea, saying: "I'd love to."

And the actor was praised for his friendly chat with Brundle, with many calling attention to the contrast between his interview and Brundle's chat with Delevingne.

Brad Pitt knew that Martin Brundle used to race.
Sky Sports

Offering a not-so-subtle dig at Delevingne, one YouTube user wrote: "Awesome interview nice to see Brad Pitt appreciating the sport and showing his respect to Martin Brundle unlike some of these other so-called stars.

"Would be great to see Martin in a cameo hopefully wearing that crazy shirt he wore at Miami."

A second penned: "Nice to see Brad Pitt finally giving Martin Brundle the respect he deserves (in sharp contrast to the previous pit lane encounter)!"

"Brad Pitt acknowledging Martin Brundle's Grand Prix and race history made me smile - I'm glad some celebs DO respect and know of Martin's history after learning of it," echoed a third.

And a final said: "Respect to Brad Pitt. Sounds like he knows his stuff."

Brundle competed in 158 Formula 1 races after getting into the sport in 1971.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Sky Sports

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