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Martin Brundle absolutely savages Cara Delevingne on F1 grid after she refuses to be interviewed

Martin Brundle absolutely savages Cara Delevingne on F1 grid after she refuses to be interviewed

The toe-curling interview between Cara Delevingne and Martin Brundle has gone viral, much to the amusement of F1 fans.

With Brad Pitt making an appearance at Silverstone earlier today, you’d be forgiven for thinking all eyes would be on the A-Lister.

However, supermodel Cara Delevingne was also spotted at the iconic track – much to the annoyance of some on the grid.

In fact, F1 commentator Martin Brundle had a rather savage response to the 30-year-old gracing the grid.

The awkward encounter happened as the sporting journalist mingled among the crowds during his statement grid walk, looking to speak to some of Formula 1's biggest stars.

Whilst Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were nowhere in sight, Brundle stumbled across the former Victoria Secret’s model as she dashed past the cameras.

The model looked less impressed with the F1 interviewer.
Sky Sports

Trying to pin her down for the all-important interview, the Sky Sports pundit politely asks if Delevingne could stop for a quick chat.

However, this soon takes a toe-curling turn as the model shakes her and gently refuses the request.

With her voice drowned out by the mingling crowd, Brundle then pointedly responds: “Well the deal is everyone has to speak on the grid.”

As Delevingne then complains she can’t hear anything, the presenter then moves away and savagely mutters: “All right, well I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting.” (ouch)

Understandably, the moment has gone viral on social media with a clip of the painful interaction gaining over 19,000 likes after it was uploaded to Twitter.

In the comments, fans have been divided over who was in the wrong with some taking aim at the supermodel.

One wrote: “I'm a bit of a celebrity who makes a living being in the spotlight and that's what got me on the grid but, no, I shan't talk to Sky Sports as every other celebrity does."

Sky Sports' Martin Brundle left empty handed.
Sky Sports

Meanwhile, another argued: “Bit weird. Unless I am missing something and it literally is the deal being on the grid why should she have to interview.”

It’s not the only viral moment from this weekend’s racing though.

Actor Brad Pitt has also become an internet sensation after taking to the iconic Silverstone track earlier this weekend.

The 59-year-old was filming a new Formula One-inspired film, with the Mr and Mrs Smith star race in a specially adapted car complete with over 15 cameras.

Reaching speeds of 150mph after Max Verstappen took pole position in qualifying, he made the lap for the fictional team Apex and even mingled on the grid later.

However, some F1 fans have linked the car to that of a Duracell battery, due to its black and gold design.

Who’d have thought racing could be so divisive?

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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