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British Lad Shares What Confuses Him About Living In US

British Lad Shares What Confuses Him About Living In US

Watch one British man trying to come to terms with washing machines in bathrooms, predatory US wasps, and the sheer size of American states

An incredible video has gone viral of a British man who lives in the US being more than a bit confused by the country's sheer size, its customs and... its taps, among many other things!

Brits and Americans are thought to share many things in common, the most significant of which being the English language. But could this be where the similarities end? Well, for one rather baffled Brit, Americans might as well be from another planet altogether.

TikToker @Imjoshfromengland2 has amassed 3.3 million followers on the video sharing platform for his unique takes on life as a Brit in the US.

In a series of videos uploaded to his channel, Josh breaks down some of the key differences between the two Anglophone nations, separated only by the Atlantic Ocean.

In one hilarious clip, he seemingly discovers just how big the US is, through the prism of one of its biggest states - Texas.

In response to a comment on one of his videos saying: "In Texas, you can drive for 12 hours and still be in Texas," Josh points out just how small the UK is by comparison.

Even though Josh lives in the US, he clearly hasn't yet adapted to living in such a big country.

"Just to put this into perspective right, you could get from the bottom of the UK, to the top, and back down to the bottom again in 12 hours, I kid you not."

He then notes you'd be able to pass through three countries in less time than it takes to cross the state of Texas alone.

Another key cultural debate the TikTok star touches on is the difference between taps in the two nations. Yes, taps.

A source of national pride for many, the UK is rare amongst Western nations for having two different taps for both hot and cold water.

To Josh, the idea of having anything else is incomprehensible.

"You're telling me that in America, you only have one tap for hot AND cold."

"I thought everyone had two taps," he adds, increasingly exasperated.

And yet, the thing that appears to confuse the Brit more than anything is the idea of a washing machine not being in the kitchen in America.

There are clearly many differences between the UK and the US.

As The Independent observes, in the US and many parts of mainland Europe, it is common for washing machines to be kept in the bathroom, or a seperate utility room. Cue utter dismay from our friend Josh.

"And you're telling me you don't have your washing machine in the kitchen, in America?!" he questions.

"So you don't fry an egg, right, make a breakfast, then take out your washing? What?"

"Where is it? Where is it? Is it in your bedroom, do you sleep next to it?" I thought this was a universal thing," he adds.

"Turns out that's not the case".

A US road trip is surely on the cards for Josh at some point, and you can bet he'll document the whole thing for his legions of TikTok fans.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@imjoshfromengland2

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