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Brits Are Using New Tactic At 5am To Bag Best Sunbed Spot By The Pool

Brits Are Using New Tactic At 5am To Bag Best Sunbed Spot By The Pool

Mum Rebekah captured the appalling scenes in Majorca

Tragic scenes have unfolded - literally and figuratively - in Majorca as Brits lay down their new tactic for a 5am 'sun-bed-showdown'. Watch below:

There's nowt wrong getting up a bit earlier to make sure you grab a nice pitch by the pool on holiday.

However, these Brits have arguably taken it a bit far by apparently waking up 'as early as 5am to gain a prime spot'.

As shown in the video above, there's a mass gathering of people and their towels, patiently waiting for the sun-beds to get unlocked at 9am.

Mum Rebekah, was responsible for capturing the crazy scenes in Majorca.


Although, an unnamed witness told Metro: "Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the British efforts from this year’s annual ‘Sun-bed Showdown’. More tactical, skilled and hated than ANY sports team in the world…

"In this example sunbeds aren’t unlocked until 9am. Cue the mass gathering of towels from as early as 5am to gain a prime spot round the pool and if you’re really lucky grab a parasol.

"The more dedicated of the teams even stake out on these towels until unlock time. No towel down by 7am no poolside space for your family.

"Think of it as a British hybrid version of musical chairs meets the Hunger Games. Forget the lie-in and prepare to become immersed in the game!"


The 38-year-old, staying at the Pirates Village, explained: "There are four or five stacks of sunbeds around a circular pool and anywhere from five in the morning people put their towels where they want to put their sunbeds.

"The sunbeds are unlocked at 9am. There are people who come back at 8am and others who will sit there from even earlier. 

"Once it gets to 8am you will get people standing around the sunbeds waiting for them to be unlocked, so it becomes a mass gathering. It’s like the rush for boats on the Titanic. 

"It’s ridiculous, there are enough to go round but people have got all these tactics to make sure they get a place by the pool."

She added: "It’s 2022, so why are we living up to this stereotypically British behaviour of fighting over the sunbeds? It’s like a ridiculous game every day. 

"I get up at 6am to go to work and now I’m waking up early to get a place around the pool because you don’t want to let your family down. It’s comical.

"We spend our lives saving up to go on holiday and then we end up playing this game with our own nationality, with no Germans in sight."

The Pirates Village told the publication: "This is a non-stop battle. We need the pool area clear in order to clean it. 

"So we remove everything in order to clean. Then about 0900h we unlock the sunbeds (and people rush to get them)."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@being_that_mum

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