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Brothers Helping People To Own Their Own Homes For Just £2

Brothers Helping People To Own Their Own Homes For Just £2

The three brothers are raffling off houses to people for just £2 per ticket, and have now shared their story on Channel 4

Three brothers claim they are working on ‘levelling the playing field’ by running competitions offering people the chance to own their own home for just £2. You can see their idea explained in the video below.

So, the idea is that you purchase a raffle ticket for two quid, then a draw is made to decide who gets the house.

The three brothers from South London – Daniel, William, and Jason Twenefour – have just featured in a Channel 4 documentary called My Dream £2 Home, which shows the whole process running from finding houses to run contests on to the point in which they tell the lucky winner they’ve won a house.

The three brothers started offering tickets in 2020.
Jam Press

On the show, which aired last night, 9 April, Daniel explained: “Lots of people you know will never own their own home. They just can’t afford it – so we give them a chance to win one instead.”

He first had the idea for the scheme when he was struggling to sell his three-bedroom £415,000 home in Mitcham back in 2020.

So, he devised a plan to sell off raffle tickets for £2-a-pop and ended up going viral, shifting 200,000 tickets in the process.

Since then, he’s got his brothers on board and they’ve formalised the scheme as TramwayPath, aiming to help people get onto the property ladder who otherwise might be unable, as well as helping people to sell their homes.

One of the flats they've offered.
Jam Press

They’re five homes in thus far, and have managed to sell £400,000 on average for each home, even managing to donate to the NHS with their first effort. Further to that, some of the raffles have been won by NHS key workers.

Naturally, the brothers are pleased with their efforts.

“It is a blessing to change so many lives,” Daniel continued.

“I would have never thought that such a difficult situation of not being able to sell my house for nearly 18 months could turn out like this.

“The volume of positive feedback after the first competition was too hard to ignore. I had people messaging me saying how life changing it was, then asking when I would do it again.

“People say we are ‘levelling the playing field’. I realised that this was bigger than me. It had the potential to change the lives of some many more people.”

The brothers say they want to help people own houses who might otherwise have struggled.
Jam Press

They are keen to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds own property and have saved winners an estimated £2,000,000 so far.

At the minute they’re only running one contest every three months, throwing their weight behind it until the eventual draw, but they intend to increase that amount.

Daniel concluded: “We are now looking at how we can scale this to help as many individuals as possible – both sellers and prospective homeowners.”

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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