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Builders Arrive At 'Wrong House' To Renovate Kitchen After Door Left Unlocked

Builders Arrive At 'Wrong House' To Renovate Kitchen After Door Left Unlocked

The woman got new granite kitchen tops and apparently, she's delighted!

A group of builders made possibly the most professional blunder of the century when they accidentally renovated the 'wrong house' after its door was left unlocked.

Chloe Fountain discovered that her kitchen was being unexpectedly replaced just a year after gardeners began to work in her garden unprompted - and she didn't stop them.

Taking to TikTok to recount the incident, she wrote: "Why does it keep happening? Workers came to the wrong house again."

The social media user then entered her house to find a red carpet in the hall to protect her floor while the unsolicited work took place.

At least the builders were clean!

She shouted to the four men drilling in her kitchen: "Yo you've got the wrong house!" 

However, they were so engrossed in their work that they didn't hear her.

"One of the guys is now talking to his boss. I guess now I have f*****g granite [in my kitchen]," she said.

"They gave me a bill, I'm not going to show you and I paid for it. I love it, thanks! Love mistakes."

Chloe explained that her kitchen was originally kitted out with wooden worktops, but because of the mistake, they are now granite.

The builders were hard at work.

However, when Chloe posted the mistake on TikTok, after the similar incident last year, social media users doubted that what they were seeing was real.

Some pointed out that most homes have very different kitchens, and it wouldn't have taken long for the builders to realise they were in the wrong place.

But Chloe has since insisted to The Daily Star that history really did repeat itself and it was possible because all of the homes in her area have a similar layout.

She said: "They put granite in my kitchen. So where I live, the homes are all 'cookie cutters', they're all the exact same layout.

"I was out grocery shopping and I don't lock my door. I live in a little town bordering Detroit, super safe."

Chloe Fountain had accidental renovations happen twice!

Now, we know what you're probably thinking, was this blunder and last year's gardening incident connected? Well, apparently two completely different companies were involved.

Chloe said at the time of last year's mistake: "They're at the wrong house but I'm not going to stop them because I'd love to have free concrete - or a deck, whatever they're building."

She was once again subject to criticism with TikTok users saying that it was theft, but Chloe captioned her post: "Yes I'll pay lol."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/chloefountainn

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