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Captain Tom's daughter says she's 'deeply saddened' after woman poured urine and faeces on dad's memorial

Captain Tom's daughter says she's 'deeply saddened' after woman poured urine and faeces on dad's memorial

The news arrives after the climate activist was arrested for the protest

Captain Sir Tom Moore's daughter said she is 'deeply saddened' by the news that a woman poured urine and faeces on her dad's memorial.

The late British Army officer raised a whopping £30m for NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his garden during the pandemic.

He passed away in February 2021 aged 100, with Derbyshire officials later putting up metal statue to commemorate the lockdown hero.

But a climate activist named Maddie Budd sparked controversy over the weekend after dumping a jerry can filled with human waste onto the memorial.

Captain Tom's daughter has slammed the protestor's stunt.
Twitter/End UK Private Jets

Taking to Twitter, Captain Tom's daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore wrote: "In reference to a protester pouring human waste over a memorial of my father, we are deeply saddened to see something that was meant to be a celebration of his life, and the causes that he stood for used in this way."

A video of Budd's protest was shared on Twitter by End UK Private Jets, followed by a statement in which she said every time a private jet takes off it ‘pours a bucket of s**t and blood onto everything that Captain Tom stood for’.

The 21-year-old was arrested for pulling the stunt, with a spokesperson for Met Police telling LADbible: "A woman was arrested at 1440 at Waterloo Bridge for criminal damage, an arrest on behalf of Derbyshire Constabulary, following an incident in Hatton on Saturday, 1 October."

Prior to this update, Budd said in a statement: "People are going to say that he's a hero, people are going to say that this is profoundly, obscenely disrespectful to his life, and to the NHS he stood up for and I agree.

"I was studying to become a doctor because I believe in taking care of people.

"If we believe that the NHS is important, if we believe in taking care of each other, if we believe that NHS workers are doing essential work, why are forcing our healthcare system into collapse?

"Why are we forcing our civilisation into collapse? Why is basically no-one taking this genocide of all humanity seriously?"

The former medical student from Wales added: "All of this is true and the Government won't even End UK Private Jets. Every time one takes off, it pours a bucket of s**t and blood onto everything that Captain Tom stood for."

The protestor's dad, 62-year-old Jim Budd, has since condemned his daughter's actions, saying she had 'gone rogue' with the dirty demonstration.

The lockdown hero passed away in February 2021.
Xinhua/Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking to the MailOnline, he said: "The shock of this is hurting people and upsetting them.

"I'm ashamed of her and what she has done. There has been a big public reaction for obvious reasons."

He continued: ""I felt sick with shock when I saw it - I have sent her a text message but she has not replied.

"It goes against all the things you install in your children - it is not normal behaviour. I'm extremely sad. The fact is she has sort of gone rogue."

Featured Image Credit: End UK Private Jets/PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo

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