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Former professional boxer believes there's absolutely no evidence the Earth is round

Former professional boxer believes there's absolutely no evidence the Earth is round

Boxing legend Carl Froch called NASA fake while accusing them of conjuring up ‘CGI images’ to prove the Earth is round.

Boxing legend Carl Froch has raised eyebrows after saying ‘there's no proof of the Earth's curvature.'

While appearing on the Pound for Pound podcast with Jake Wood and Spencer Oliver, the British bloke said NASA is fake and came up with an excuse as to why we have all these images of space.

Oh boy.

He said: "There's no proof of the Earth's curvature and this fake space agency 'NASA', use CGI images and every one is different.

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"I'm looking at them thinking, 'Hang on a minute, they're like cartoons'”.

Ah, let me guess, he probably believes Sir David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet is a sci-fi movie too.

The ‘Cobra’ added that the only way to prove that our little blue planet is not flat is if Richard Branson starts organising flights into space.

He said: "When someone like Richard Branson goes up there and starts doing chartered flights... and you can look back on Earth and see the Earth's curvature, I'll believe the Earth is a globe."

The boxer, who’s most famous for knocking George Groves out at Wembley Stadium, left viewers utterly shocked.

One person on Twitter wrote: “Too many blows to the head here.”

Another joked: “Man who gets punched in the head for work thinks world is flat…go figure.”

A third said: “I’ve always wondered but never found out but the people who believe this, what do NASA or whoever gain from lying about this exactly?”

While another commented: “Best advertisement for the banning of boxing.”

Earlier this year, UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell took to his Instagram to defend his flat-earth theory.

Bizarrely, he even slammed podcaster Joe Rogan for thinking otherwise.

In his video, Mitchell said: "It [Earth] ain't moving around at no 600-something miles-per-hour, spinning at no thousand-miles-an-hour and floating through the universe constantly, ok."

Mitchell reckons he has all the information he needs to prove his point.

And he's clearly done way more research than all those experts at NASA - those fakers.

He added: "This Earth is flat, it's fixed and the stars and stuff rotate around us.

"The sun rotates around us, and I can prove that, I would love to debate you Joe Rogan because I'm tired of you Joe Rogan making fun of flat earthers!

"If you're so confident, come on and debate me, buddy. I'm tired of this crap you're posting."

It's worth noting that the earth is definitely not flat.

There is plenty of evidence to prove this and flat earthers are yet to come up with definitive proof to support their conspiracy theory.

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