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Seth Rogen Says He's Smoked Weed 'All Day Every Day' For 25 Years

Seth Rogen Says He's Smoked Weed 'All Day Every Day' For 25 Years

Rogen appeared on Good Morning Britain to promote his autobiography Yearbook

Seth Rogen has admitted he's smoked weed 'all day every day' for the last 25 years, claiming it is much better than drinking alcohol.

In an interview on Good Morning Britain, Rogen told Susanna Reid and guest host Bill Turnbull that he smokes cannabis to 'function'.

Turnbull asked him: "You're very honest about it, you smoke cannabis every day?"

Speaking from his home in LA, before 7am, Rogen responded: "I do, I smoke cannabis all day every day.


"I have for the last 25 years or so I would say. It's something that is intrinsic to my day to day functionality."

He went on to explain why he believes alcohol is worse for you than cannabis.

He said: "I personally think alcohol - and I know this is the last thing British people want to hear - but on the grand scale of things we put in our bodies to intoxicate ourselves or remove ourselves from our normal baseline of functionality, alcohol is not a good one.

"It's high in calories, it gives you a hangover. There are other things we can be putting in our bodies that have less calories and don't make you feel bad the next day, but they are much more stigmatised than alcohol.

"The idea that people who smoke weed are lazy or that if you smoke weed all day you're problematic or there's something wrong with you is just not true and it's mostly based on racist lies told by people many years ago that we still unfortunately believe for the most part."

Seth, who was promoting his new autobiography Yearbook, also spoke about how he got in to comedy, prompting an apology for his language from Susanna.

Seth said: "I told a lot of jokes about my grandparents. My first set was when I was 12 years old in a lesbian bar.

"They were very funny to me, my grandmother especially who was born fleeing World War One.

"She was a tough lady and before I moved to LA her advice to me was 'give those sons of b*****s hell', I'll never forget that."

Although nobody picked up on the language straight away, when the segment had ended, Susanna apologised to viewers of the show.

She said: "He did use some strong language during that interview, so apologies for that if you were offended."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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