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Terrifying Cockpit Footage Shows Pilot Attempting To Land Boeing 777 In Storm Eunice

Terrifying Cockpit Footage Shows Pilot Attempting To Land Boeing 777 In Storm Eunice

Several planes struggled to land at Heathrow today due to Storm Eunice

Terrifying footage from the cockpit of a plane shows a pilot attempting to land a Boeing 777 during Storm Eunice – unsurprisingly, it does not look like it was a good day at the office. Watch the clip here: 

The pilot in the video is Captain Khalifa Al-Thani, who had been travelling from Doha, Qatar, to London, England, today (18 February). 

Footage of his plane landing went viral when it was shared by Big Jet TV – complete with a hilarious commentary emphasising just how rocky things looked as the flight attempted to land at Heathrow Airport. 

And things didn’t appear to be any less horrifying inside the cockpit, with footage posted by Al Thani showing what he had to do to get passengers onto the ground safely. 


But while the task at hand looked like something us mere mortals would never be able to do in a million years, Al-Thani barely broke a sweat, and appeared to remain pretty calm as he brought the plane down. 

He wrote on Instagram: “Storm Eunice Landing - Huge thanks to ‘Big Jet TV’ for the awesome coverage today and the exterior footage.” 

The comments section has been flooded with praise for the pilot, with one person writing: “Star quality landing in this storm which is the worst we have had for quite a while. Nerves of steel you have.” 

Another said: “Amazing! Awesome landing captain!” 

A third called Al-Thani a 'superhero', while a fourth added: "Scary to watch but excellent handling."


An aviation analyst called Alex Macheras also shared the video on his own Twitter feed, writing: “Amazing - here’s my friend Captain Khalifa Al Thani landing his Boeing 777 in #StormEunice at a windy London Heathrow Airport today… a side-by-side video with BigJet TV’s now famous commentary.” 

Storm Eunice has been wreaking havoc across the UK today, with some areas under a red weather warning. 

The fierce gales in the capital even ripped off part of the O2 Arena’s roof, leaving the sheet that covers the venue blowing in the wind, while a church in Wells lost the tip of its spire.

Popular delivery services Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat also had to suspend service in some areas out of concern for the safety of riders and drivers.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@althani350

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