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Rate My Takeaway's Danny gets engaged to new partner two years after death of fiancée

Rate My Takeaway's Danny gets engaged to new partner two years after death of fiancée

Danny Malin tragically lost his fiancée Carrie almost two years ago

Rate My Takeaway star Danny Malin has announced that he is engaged again.

Almost two years ago, the viral food vlogger lost his fiancée Carrie Taylor after she suffered a heart attack.

Carrie collapsed in Danny's arms, and despite being rushed to hospital, she tragically died.

Since then, Danny has said that he never thought he'd ever meet another woman who he could bring into his and their children's lives.

But just a few weeks ago, he revealed that he had fallen in love with a woman called Sophie.

Danny and his kids were left devastated when Carrie passed away.

Taking to Twitter back in November, the Leeds YouTuber said: "As many of you may know Carrie passed away nearly 22 months ago which blew mine and the kids world apart.

"Every day since then I have just focused on doing what is best for my family and to be honest thought I would just live out my days as a single dad.

"But around 8 weeks ago I met someone who over this period of time has made me laugh, giggle and enjoy life again."

He went on: "Meeting Sophie was to do with work and from then we met for coffees, chatted and just enjoy others company.

"I am happy to say we are now in a relationship and I would like to thank Sophie for not only showing me that there is happiness again but also being so supportive and understanding about our family situation.

The YouTuber has found love again with a woman named Sophie.

"I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds!"

Well, it looks like things are going from strength to strength for the pair, as they are now getting hitched.

Danny revealed the exciting news to his followers this week.

Showing off the engagement ring, he wrote: "I thought I would live out my days as a lonely old man but since meeting Sophie Mei Lan she has made me whole again.

"Time is short and I am not wasting any of it. I asked Sophie to marry me and thankfully she said yes. I will spend every day making you and our kids happy."

Danny and Sophie are getting married.

Since making the announcement, Danny's fans have rushed to share their support for the couple.

One user said: "Fabulous. Congratulations and hope you all have a great Christmas x."

Another commented: "Congratulations to you both."

"Whoo hoo! Congrats Sophie and I wish you both all the happiness in the world," put a third.

While another added: "Watch you all the time Danny . We all deserve happiness . You have your memories you will never forget, but also time to make new ones. Massive congratulations to you both. Merry Christmas."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@DannyMalinUK

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